Verizon’s Oath subsidiary agrees to terms on bloatware deal with Samsung

Verizon, America’s largest US carrier, announced an agreement with it and the most popular smartphone OEM in Samsung. Verizon’s Oath subsidiary is responsible for a new distribution deal that will place four Verizon apps on millions of Samsung Galaxy devices in the US.

Verizon and Samsung often collaborate. The latest agreement has Samsung pre-loading Verizon or partner apps on some smartphones for the US region such as Galaxy S9. These include Verizon’s Newsroom app, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and Go90 mobile apps. Considering Samsung has already provided Verizon with units of Galaxy S9, these will have to be updated before sold. So if you’re heading out to Verizon to buy a Galaxy S9, expect four extra apps you won’t be able to uninstall.

All US carriers have bloat that they load on their devices. Very few of us actually use the apps, though by placing them on our phones, both Verizon and Samsung are able to benefit. Verizon gets exposure and gets ads in front of Samsung device owners. Samsung on the other hand gets paid, which is why they do this quite often and with many partners. Samsung devices tend to be the most bloated with extra apps that come pre-loaded of which rarely you can delete. But as long as they bring in money, the South Korean giant will have a hard time letting go, despite giving users reason not to buy their phones. Take my suggestion and consider going unlocked.

The agreement will also allow advertisers to put “native ads” within the content of which they appear. So both Oath’s apps as well as some of Samsung’s apps. These ads will be predominately short video clips that “directly target the consumer.” This kind of sucks considering people pay up for a Galaxy S9 and expect a clean and premium experience in return of their money. Galaxy S9 is one of the most popular Android smartphones out there, and as a result it will be the only device part of this deal with Oath. No other Samsung devices will gain the apps, and those who already purchased Samsung’s latest flagship appear to be exempt from any update bringing the apps.

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VIA [Reuters]

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