Verizon’s unlimited data plan is back

Not long ago, Verizon marked an official end to its truly unlimited data plan. What previously thought was gone for good, is now making a return. For a whopping $110 per month, Verizon network subscribers can obtain unlimited text, call and high-speed data access.

Verizon has brought back its 4G LTE Unlimited plan, the one that set the company back in profits thanks to hundreds that took good advantage of the plan. However, this is a new plan, a more straightforward plan than anything that came before it out of Big Red. The caveat is, you’ll have to pay some shiny pennies for this one.

Verizon announced the return of its unlimited data plan late Sunday evening. Pricing was originally put at $80 per month for a single active line, but was later changed to $110 per month. As you may have come to expect, the cost per line will decrease with each additional line added to your account. This isn’t new.

If you take a look at the industry competition, you’ll find that Verizon’s unlimited plan has one crucial difference maker. Unlike other carriers, Verizon will not throttle your data speeds, nor will audio and video be compressed to a lower quality. What’s true about unlimited, what’s not true about unlimited, and what’s semi-true about unlimited, has become part of the fine print carriers don’t want to tell you. This has left many confused about the varying pricing options that exist over the selection of wireless carriers. This plan we’re taking about now, is what we, as in us at Droid Turf, like to call “a true unlimited plan,” because is not just claimed to be “unlimited,” is actually unlimited. Unless you travel internationally of course, pending the region, additional charges may be added to your bill.

The plan is now available on Big Red and requires auto-pay enrollment. It’ll be interesting to see how the addition of unlimited subscribers pans out on the company’s result sheet for Q2. When the time comes, we’ll be here to report the findings to you first and foremost.

Are you a Verizon customer? Watch the below video to learn more about the carrier’s latest data plan.

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