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Watch Google take its own stage at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area for the Google I/O 2018 Developer Conference keynote on May 8 beginning at 1:00pm EDT. The search giant’s venue is known to have held some great events in the past with the ability to hold as many as 22,500 people. Like usual, demand to attend was off the charts so Google ran its lottery for people just to have a chance to pay for a seat. If you won’t be there in person, Google is holding simultaneous events in places around the globe. The event will also be accompanied by a livestream for the millions of developers and enthusiasts scattered throughout the world who have been anticipating the day all year.


Google used to hold its annual developer conference at the Moscone Center, a convention and exhibition complex in San Francisco, California. But ever since 2016, Google has held the event in an outdoor stadium right on its campus at Shoreline in Mountain View, known as the Google Amphitheatre. The company typically holds the event in May to announce its latest developments, statistics and trends in software. Now, it is usually followed by a dedicated ‘Made By Google‘ hardware event later in the year. In each 2016 and 2017, Google held a private event on October 4, essentially to follow-up to this week’s event with actual products containing any new software. We expect something similar to go down in the Fall.

Every eye will be on Google time come May 8 .Google I/O 2018 was confirmed in January, and dedicated fans around the globe have been waiting for the clock to tick ever since. This year’s show is a little earlier than usual, and the tech giant has put up the registration details for those attending the event in person. It’s very far-fetched to get invited, as most seats are reserved for Google employees, media and the passionate developer community. Anticipation is high and it’ll be interesting to see if the company delivers.

If you saw Google I/O 2017, you’re familiar with how things are run. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, leads the company out the gate and hands the mic to several executives who talk more about what’s new and what’s coming in the next year. What exactly Google will announce this year is very much a secret at this point, and we probably won’t know anything for sure until the actual keynote is held. It’s a helluva lot easier to keep secrets about software than it is about physical hardware since hardware must always pass through many commissions prior to going up for sale. Google has not told press much, likely because it wants the announcements to be surprises for everyone. This makes our life harder behind the scenes, but we’re very much looking forward to the event and whatever it is Google plans to show off.

Google actively works on more projects than any other company because it’s always looking towards the future and pushing the industry forward. If you think of an idea, odds are Google has thought of it first. There’s a lot of topics the company will have to choose from to talk about during its 90 minute period set for May 8. Because not everything can be discussed in 90 minutes, the company holds small conferences, labs and hands-on sessions that follow the actual keynote. Most of these will take place on May 9 and wrap up on May 10 when the three-day-long event officially concludes.

It has been a year full of achievements, transitions and movements for Google. Google continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with computing, but like all companies, progress hasn’t been without occasional slip ups and disappointments. Despite new strategies with Project Treble and extra force being applied, Android’s fragmentation appears to be of greater concern than ever before with Android Oreo still on a limited number of devices. The company’s latest and greatest smartphone, Pixel 2 XL, had display issues that went unfixed and damaged the positive reputation set by the OG Pixel. There have also been concerns regarding the roll out progress of Google Lens.

Switching over the positive side, we’re anticipating more on what appears to be a substantial mobile update in Android P. We also might hear about the stances of various platforms including Wear OS (no longer Android Wear), Android TVChromecast, Android Auto, and Daydream. Google could also announce some of its latest partnerships and supported regions for YouTube TV. The third annual Google Play Awards will also take place, and details may be shared on upcoming products such as Chrome OS tablets, Pixel TV Player, standalone Daydream headsets, a mid-range Pixel phone for emerging markets, and Smart Displays with Google Assistant. On the software side of things, we could hear about Google Pay (no longer Android Pay) and the wide array of entertainment apps and Google services that might be updated such as Gmail, YouTube, and Gboard. Other possible topics of discussion include Google Play Instant, Augmented Reality, Android Enterprise, a new streaming service, and Virtual Reality.

The show will kick off once the clock ticks 1:00pm EDT on Tuesday. As we mentioned, you’ll be able to sit back from the comfort of your own home and watch via livestream if you choose. Bookmark this page and tune-in when the event starts. The stream will become available on the official Google I/O 2018 website, YouTube, and through the Google I/O app downloadable from the Play Store. We’ll also embed it for you directly below. You can also count on us to bring full coverage, analysis and insight once the event gets going.

UPDATE: Re-watch the event in its entirety below.

For more on what to expect, have a look here for the latest Google news or view our full roundup post linked below. You can also check out for ticket details, information on I/O Extended fairs, nearby hotels, and full details on registering, attending, and preparing. The full schedule is visible herewhere you can set reminders using Google Calendar and plan a customized agenda for the three-day event to make the best of your time. Google has always been big on countdowns, so you can check that out too. More information can also be read on this blog post.

The event will also be livestreamed inside the Google I/O 2018 app for Android. Download it by hitting the icon below.

We’ll keep you posted on everything Google I/O 2018 right as it happens! Follow us on social media for up to the minute updates from Google’s Developer Conference.

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