Weekly Poll: Are you buying the HTC U12+?

It’s flagship smartphone season with new Android phones entering the market each week. One device sure to have an impact in the second half of 2018 is the HTC U12+. Last week, HTC quietly unveiled its HTC U12+ from a private event in Taiwan. This is HTC’s second installment in the two-year running HTC U Series and succeeds HTC U 11 and HTC U 11+. I know the event was over a week ago, but based on what you know from our coverage since then, what are your thoughts? Will you pick up an HTC U12+ once it’s available?

HTC’s mobile division has struggled over several years. At one point, we thought the company would stop producing smartphones, especially after its export of employees to Google for $1 billion. Many people later speculated that HTC would skip a flagship this year. HTC’s strategy in 2018 has been to launch less phones in order to conserve costs for R&D and reduce marketing expenditures. As a result, we’re not expecting a second Android flagship from the company later this year, which has been the case in the past. HTC U 11 provided some relief last year with initial sales performing well in certain markets, but a comeback is still very much in need of happening at this point. We’ve already seen one Android OEM go up for sale this year, and HTC does not want to be next. In making HTC U12+, HTC focused on perfecting what consumers like most about HTC phones. It has been twelve months since the HTC U 11 was announced, though the HTC U12+ is mainly an incremental upgrade. Lots of features have come over from last year’s handset and any remaining inspiration looks to have come over from the competition. HTC U12+ adopts market trends including a modern design language, but phones are getting more and more similar, and sadly HTC doesn’t have much to differentiate itself apart from rivals in the crowded market. The U12+ is already up for pre-order unlocked, which is the only way it will be sold, and units are said to start shipping very soon. The faster HTC reaches markets, the better of it’ll be, but the somewhat steep price tag might have a few questioning the value of HTC’s latest smartphone. The lack of carrier support is also something to be concerned about moving forward.

HTC made its announcement without a stream of any event, which didn’t really surprise us coming off last year. Despite us knowing a lot heading into the event from teasers and leaks, HTC had fans excited for the announcement and delivered a smartphone powerhouse. People are excited about the phone which is a positive sign. Once we get a unit in hand, we’ll be able to bring you hands-on insight, and there’s a helluva lot to look forward to. We’ll also rank the phone on our list of 2018’s Best Android Smartphones thus far. To learn why we’re confident it’ll make the list, catch up on all our coverage of the HTC U12+ announcement and everything since, down at the links below.

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This brings us to our poll of the week. Is HTC doing enough to bring back its loyal customers? Does the HTC U12+ live up to your own expectations? Is the smartphone a worthy upgrade over either of last year’s HTC U 11 models? Are you considering this as your next handheld? Let us know in the comment section below this post and submit your response in our weekly poll. The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

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