Weekly Poll: Are you picking up the Watch Sport or Watch Style?

This week was all about smartwatches, or should we say, the entire past month has been all about smartwatches. Uncharacteristically, many Android Wear offerings launched over the past month, and will soon hit the market. Leading the charge is Google and LG’s new bunch, Watch Sport and Watch Style, the first to power Android Wear 2.0.

Mid-way through this week, the tech space crazed over the introduction of two new smartwatches, Watch Sport and Watch Style. The pair has been rumored dating all the way back to mid-2016, and are the first to ship with Android Wear 2.0 installed.

After a long drought with no new offerings and a slow in demand for a smartwatch, many began to have doubts about the future of the Android Wear platform. Since the start of 2017, Android Wear has been primed for a comeback with an acquisition by Google, a major system overall and a bevy of new watches including the above and timepieces from Casio, New Balance, LG, TAG Heuer, and others. What a turn-around it has been.

Watch Sport and Watch Style will seek to contribute to this turn-around. These are the first smartwatches to be made in collaboration with Google, the marker of the Android Wear software. Watch Sport, as we expected, contains a sportier look and boards some extra functionality, making it the more premium and thus more expensive model of the two at $349. Watch Style is heavily fashion-focused, features a smaller body, comes with less-packed specs and is thus the more affordable model of the pair at $249.

The two watches are available now and can be purchased from a few retailers. We’ve included them for you below. Watch Sport in particular support LTE, and thus can be purchased along with wireless network access. So far, Verizon and AT&T have confirmed its availability. Pricing information will vary per carrier depending on how each goes about providing network access to the watch.

Read up on all the Watch Sport, Watch Style and Android Wear 2.0 coverage at the below links. It’s all there including which watches will get the update as well an extensive roundup of all you need to know about the pair of new watches.

Google and LG announce Watch Sport and Watch Style pre-loaded with Android Wear 2.0

Google releases Android Wear 2.0 to the public, here are the watches that will get it

Watch Sport – Available in Dark Blue and Titanium [LG] [Verizon] [AT&T] [Google Store]
Watch Style – Available in Titanium, Silver and Rose Gold [Best Buy] [Google Store]

This brings us to our weekly poll aka question of the week. Do you plan on buying either of the two smartwatches? If so, which one? What was the reasoning behind your choice. Let us know in the comment section below this post. The poll will remain open all week-long. We look forward to hearing your response.

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