Weekly Poll: Are you subscribed to a video streaming service?

This week a popular subject in the news was streaming services. Not only did we hear a little about music streaming services, we heard a lot about various video streaming services. We live in an age where the old way of doing things is being phased out in replace of new, easier but often more costly methods. Video streaming is a good example of a service that is now being adopted by mainstream society.

Video streaming really only became popular a few years back. Typically in the form of a monthly subscription, video streaming services are becoming more and more mainstream. Like everything else, video content can be accessed from almost anywhere. But because the cost of cellular data is expensive in making this possible, a common practice is to stream while on Wi-Fi and download content for offline access on the go. This is typical, but unlike years past, a monthly rate grants one access to an immense library of content whereas consumers used to pay a one-time fee for what they wanted. This demonstrates a shift toward convenience and unmeasured consumption, which can be seen with music services and in other areas.

Video streaming services or “online movie” streaming services keep getting better. They started as a concept and have evolved over the years into a whole industry of options good for different things. Some services are still more popular than others, but the industry as a whole continues to grow each year. The newest services are higher-priced options with live TV designed to replace your cable provider such as DirecTV Now and YouTube TV. There are also cheaper options to serve a different audience. Some of these are Sling TV, AT&T Watch TV, Hulu, and Amazon Video. While the expensive plans run around $40 per month, more affordable offerings made for movie and TV show consumption sell for around $10 or $15 per month. Which is best for you ultimately depends on your usage behavior.

Speaking of all these streaming services, a few appeared in headlines this week that we couldn’t resist passing along. Netflix, the most popular in its category, could soon release a new $17 ‘Ultra’ plan for those looking for HDR content and the ability to stream across more than two devices simultaneously. Nothing has gone official yet and we don’t know when it will be, but a tech blog captured leaked promotional material detailing all the plans and upcoming changes. It’s not all good news, unfortunately. Shall it get too expensive for you, Google’s Play Movies service expanded support for HDR content out to several Android TV consoles including the newest Sony TVs as well as the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. This will allow users to purchase HDR content and stream it right to their TV in stunning quality shall their hardware permit it. The amount of HDR content is still limited, but is expanding.

Sling TV was also in the news this week regarding a reported free option available to all. It doesn’t come with a lot and isn’t available just yet, but at least the option will be here soon. In addition, Sling TV made some changes to current plans and added to its existing on-demand content selection to be more competitive with other options on the market. The company also now allows consumers to pay for individual packages with specific channels which can be found at the company’s website. Lastly, we thought we’d mention that Verizon’s go90 video app is being shut down because of its lack of customers. Rather than push on with it, Verizon will utilize its resources and move employees into a different department to work on more successful projects. Whether you have the app or not, it won’t work once July comes to an end. If you were sick of having the pre-loaded app on your Verizon smartphone, you can relax your frustrations until Verizon comes out with something else. Hopefully if and when something does, it’ll be more attractive than go90 was.

This brings us to our poll of the week. What do you think of video streaming? Have you ever subscribed to a paid video streaming service? Are you considering one in particular or have you thought about several options? If so, which have you considered? What are your content consumption needs and do you think video streaming services are the wave of the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below this post and submit your response in our weekly poll. The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

Below are the major stories from this week.

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HDR content through Google Play Movies now works on SHIELD TV and more

Sling TV is coming out with a free option

Verizon’s go90 app is being shut down

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