Weekly Poll: Are you buying the OnePlus 5T?

The 2017 year is nearing an end, but at least not without one more Android flagship. We have a new phone from Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus. The OnePlus 5T is the company’s seventh-ever smartphone, and the sixth installment in a flagship series. What’s to happen to the OnePlus 5 that released just six months ago, we’ll soon find out, as it appears the OnePlus 5T has now taken over the spotlight.

OnePlus held its first-ever “live” event this week in Brooklyn, New York with the headline “A New View.” There will be several pop-up events in major cities during the weeks ahead, which have become routine for OnePlus fans and employees. OnePlus has always elected to do things on its own, avoiding trade shows, which was the case again this time around with the OnePlus 5T Event. We’ve complied a few overviews containing specs and insight, so what do you think? Will you consider a OnePlus 5T?

Despite early reports that there would be no OnePlus 5T, the company discovered a market for a OnePlus 5 successor, and will release its newest phone on November 21 in the US and parts of Europe starting at $499. We now expect OnePlus to continue a six-month release cycle, as was the case with Sony for many years past. The company’s goal with OnePlus 5T is again to provide a similar experience to more expensive Android offerings from larger corporations, while maintaining a somewhat affordable price tag. The OnePlus 5T packs a lot of high-end hardware, and the company promises the phone will feel good and run just as good. Doing all this while pleasing the consumer is no easy task, but OnePlus does it as good as anyone. This new model is no exception.

The OnePlus 5T may be the “flagship killer” the company set out to create. Rather than releasing phones catered to different customer needs, OnePlus has produced one phone that puts together everything the average consumer looks for when making a smartphone purchase. Not everyone will be able to buy OnePlus 5T, and it won’t be sold on carriers here in the United States, so OnePlus will have to apply some extra force if it is to get this into people’s hands.

It’ll be a hard trigger to pull if you just bought a OnePlus 5, but any other OnePlus device except for maybe the OnePlus 3T is probably worth the upgrade. This year’s model has nothing grown-breaking, but does include a standout dual camera, an improved interface, modern design, and more. OnePlus is pushing the boundaries to what’s possible for a given price point, and it’ll be interesting to see how OnePlus 5T performs against Android rivals in the space.

A lot went as we expected it to, but the company didn’t send everyone home disappointed; we’re excited for what’s to come out of OnePlus. The new OnePlus 5T closely resembles the OnePlus 5 in a lot of ways, but comes with upgraded design and specs, and has in very few ways been compromised. Once we test out the smartphone, we’ll make the call whether it deserves a top ranked spot on our 2017 list of Best Android Smartphones.

In the meantime, catch up on some of our OnePlus 5T Event stories below.

All this news brings us to our poll of the week. Is the OnePlus 5T a worthy upgrade from either the OnePlus 3T or OnePlus 5? What do you think of the new smartphone and do you believe it’s enough to take on the heavy competition? Are you considering one for yourself or for a loved one with the holiday season coming up? Let us know in the comment section below this post and record your response in our weekly poll. Your feedback is valued and we look forward to hearing your response.

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