Weekly Poll: Which of these companies announced your favorite product of IFA 17?

Over the course of the last week and a half, we have reported over a dozen stories out of IFA 2017, an annual conference that took place in the city of Berlin. Tech companies based from around the world gathered together under a single roof to announce their latest projects and innovations. Some of the major ones we cover here on Droid Turf frequently showcased new gear during press conference of their own. They include, but are not limited to: Samsung, LG, Lenovo or Motorola, and Sony.

In terms of the big trio that happen annually (CES, MWC, IFA), IFA has fallen in terms of major headlines over recent years. However, this year’s show entailed quite a few we’d like to recap in this post. New products covered all categories including fitness bands, smartwatches, smartphones, and accessories. If you tuned in to Droid Turf at some point this week or last week, you know that we covered most of the hot reports. Samsung announced a Gear Sport smartwatch, new Gear Fit and IconX, LG has a new high-end smartphone in town called the LG V30, Motorola introduced Moto X4, and Sony had a pair of phones to share as well.

Most of which was announced will become available in the weeks ahead or later in the fall season. But there was a handful we likely won’t see for some time, perhaps until the holiday season gets underway.

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This brings us to our poll of the week. Which company announced your favorite thing at IFA 2017? Let us know by voting in our weekly poll located below or on our right sidebar. Be sure to specify the reasoning behind your pick and/or something else that may have taken the IFA 2017 crown for you. The comment section below is open! The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

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