Weekly Poll: Do we really need a Galaxy Note 8?

The summer season is well underway, and while us at Droid Turf are busy preparing for a fall frenzy of devices, Samsung is putting the final touches on the next iteration Galaxy Note smartphone.

Everyone knows what happened last year with Galaxy Note 7. So the question has been whether or not Samsung should build a Galaxy Note 7 successor. Launching a Galaxy Note 8 seems like it will happen, considering the leaks and reports that have rolled off the press during recent weeks. With Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Samsung introduced new safety measures including a 5 point battery safety test. The result, not a single Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ went up in flames.

Because of what happened, consumers will be curious about Galaxy Note 8. Shall one or two explosions occur, it will be immediately reported and next thing you know, the whole world will know about it. Samsung will tarnish the reputation of their Galaxy Note lineup for good.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 model dubbed ‘Galaxy Note Fan Edition.’ The handset is like a Galaxy Note 7, but with a smaller battery and fewer unnecessary internals. It’s available in several countries, and appears to be doing quite well, despite consumers holding their breath for a Galaxy Note 8.

Early in the week, investors reported Samsung’s earning estimates, and we brought you the information. Despite the losses from Galaxy Note 7 and hit the company took to its brand image last year, the South Korean conglomerate’s figures depicted a record-breaking quarter in Q2 of 2017. The company will record 60 trillion Korean won in sales, which is equivalent to approximately $52 billion. Profit is expected to be no less than 14 trillion Korean won, or approximately $12 billion, up almost 50% from the $6.9 billion in profit Samsung received during the same quarter last year. This is also a 40% gain quarter-over-quarter from the $8.5 billion of profit achieved in Q1 of 2017.

Investors have suggested that higher than expected initial sales of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ around the world contributed to the gains during the second quarter. The 2017 flagship models have been the most profitable ever for the South Korean company, and sales seem to have eclipsed last year’s Galaxy S7 duo for the top-selling crown. Samsung’s flagships continue to fly off the shelves in a crowded and saturated market, which raises the question: Do we really need a Galaxy Note 8?

Samsung is rumored to be unveiling the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23. This is earlier than usual and will help Samsung get to markets before rivals from Apple and LG. Rather than announcing the models during the IFA 2017 trade show, Samsung is expected to hold a private event in New York City to announce its “Next Big Thing” in mobile. We don’t blame them for the move, as it makes sense. We just hope it doesn’t backfire, because rushing leads to miss configurations, and if Samsung’s past is to prove anything, it’s that one should take their sweet time. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 model could release worldwide in late September or early October, and look something like the device we found in a teaser image this week that was posted on the Samsung Exynos Twitter page.

This brings us to our question of the week. With Galaxy Note Fan Edition on the market, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ still performing well, and reported profits that may have topped even Apple in Q2, do we really need a Galaxy Note 8? Is it worth the added pressure and risk associated if it were to fail? Let us know by voting in our weekly poll or by dropping a comment below. The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

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