Weekly Poll: Do you have Android TV?

Google has endured plenty of experiences with TV, some good, some bad. Their latest attempt has been Android TV, a platform dedicated to streaming media. The software was announced a near 3 years ago at Google I/O and has received little attention since, sort of like Android Wear. However, at the recent CES 2017 trade show, two set-top boxes pre-loaded with Android TV landed. As of this past week, both are available to consumers.

Consumers don’t have too many options when it comes to Android TV, as they do with smartphones, but there are quite a few boxes and TVs in the lineup. Google has their Nexus Player of course, which was the first to launch with Android TV. It can be picked up for a going price now, as it could use an upgraded version. At CES 2017, NVIDIA showcased their second Android TV console, SHIELD TV. It keeps its name, but is better and badder with a modern design, new features, more apps, 4K HDR support, and improved AI, which now includes the Google Assistant. The gadget became available to the masses this past week! Order here today.

Also announced at the annually held trade show was AirTV, an entrance Android TV set-top box made by Dish. The box is priced at $99, is a 4K Android TV box, and comes with $50 worth of Sling TV and Netflix pre-installed. AirTV can also be bundled with an optional OTA antenna for local channel access at an added cost. The remainder of functions are the same as all other Android TV boxes, meaning that you’ll be able to stream various media such as video, image and audio content, to the big screen wirelessly from a connected device. It’s also now out on the market and can be purchased over at AirTV.net

With recent additions to Android TV such as universal search, the Google Assistant and Android Nougat, has use and hope been revived again?

This brings us to the weekly poll, aka question of the week. Do you own Android TV? If so, do you use it frequently? If not, are you looking into getting it?

Submit your answer in our weekly poll. Be sure to specify the reasoning behind your choice in the comment section below this post. The poll will remain active through all of next week. We look forward to hearing your response.

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