Weekly Poll: Have you considered Project Fi?

At Droid Turf, we often talk about US cell carriers, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, but there are a handful of MVNO that are just as important to today’s market. This week, one in particular, Project Fi, made a few headlines. The service run by Google uses T-Mobile and Sprint network connectivity and brings it to select Android smartphones at a more affordable rate. All is managed through the Project Fi mobile application, and of late the service has shown great potential.

As most of you know, Google is in many different kinds of business. The company even works on projects not known to the general public. A few years ago, the company entered a market that caught many by surprise. At this time, the MVNO market gained a new option known as Project Fi. The options were limited at first and it seemed more like an experiment rather than something consumers would actually pay attention to. Not a lot has happened since, but Google might change that in 2018.

Project Fi still isn’t known to many, but the service is quietly getting more attractive. Few are beginning to take notice of Project Fi and the needs it serves customers. With the expanding need for cellular connectivity in today’s world, people are widening their search and Project Fi is coming along at the right time. Google’s experience in service solutions and attention to detail is finally paying dividends here and after a shaky start, Project Fi has the momentum rolling–here’s why.

About a week ago, Project Fi expanded its lineup of smartphone offerings to include the new mid-range Moto G6. This is one of our favorite devices thus far this year because the value it packs for its price tag. LG also joined the program with two high-end offerings, a first for Project Fi. These are the new LG V35 ThinQ and LG G7 ThinQ. Each of these devices came out in the last month or so and might attract consumers. But most importantly, the new additions signal Google’s willingness and desire to add new options for Project Fi. We could start to see more options become available, which would be good for both consumers and the Android platform.

Project Fi is about fairness, simplicity, and affordability. In many respects, it’s the carrier many dream of having. The prices are generally lower and include refundable data, getting set up is easy, and account management from there out is organized and simple with customer service always there to help. Variety is improving with high-end phones coming later this month and users even get bonus features they’d never expect as a result of being in Google’s ecosystem. Smart Reply in several apps like Android Messages used to be one advantage, but this week began rolling out to more users. There are some drawbacks though since nothing is ever too good to be true. Many have questioned the network quality, plan options are limited, and family plans can get a bit expensive.

Some improvements came to the family plans this week beginning with support for children under 13. Parents can now watch over the usage by their children using support for Family Link. In others words, you can lock their phone remotely, monitor their data consumption and apply filters so they cannot access certain websites. We’ve seen this approach by other companies and carriers and from Google with other apps connected through Family Link. Google’s solution is mainly free and one of the most useful. Project Fi family plans get that much better, and those who actively use Family Link can very easily enjoy these benefits.

The changes, all made over the last two weeks give us a sense of the direction Google is going in with Project Fi. There are many questions regarding what will happen after the T-Mobile-Sprint merger as it pertains to Project Fi, but customers of the MVNO can rest assure that they’ll be taken care of. Project Fi is getting more and more impressive all-around, and we want to know your thoughts. This brings us to our poll of the week. Are you a customer of Project Fi? Have you ever considered Project Fi before? Will you consider Project Fi now with all the improvements? Now that you know what’s going on and the reasons you may or may not want to switch, let us know your thoughts on the stance of Google’s MVNO and if you have or would consider Project Fi rather than a cell carrier. Join the comment section below this post and submit your response in our weekly poll. The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

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