Weekly Poll: How much will you spend on a foldable Galaxy X?

Is it obvious or not that Samsung is having a hard time selling the Galaxy S9? You tell me. Since the global release of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, Samsung has come out with larger storage variants and a new color. Not only that, but we hear that the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 announcements are moving up with a possible third flagship by the name Galaxy X coming in March. Samsung has a lot to think about.

Samsung had reported many quarters of increased profits and revenue prior to the current one. Galaxy smartphones were flying off the shelves and the company was rolling– not so much the case anymore. Many complain that this year’s flagship models, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, are too similar to the Galaxy S8 handsets. The design is almost identical and other than camera improvements, there isn’t a whole lot of anything that’s new. In today’s fast-faced industry, OEMs have to innovate every year and change things up to keep consumers on their toes wanting the latest and greatest. Samsung’s incremental strategy this year doesn’t appear to have been successful.

Since the Galaxy S9 global release, we’ve heard multiple reports of sluggish sales in Korea and the US. Samsung was on a hot streak ever since the Galaxy S8 (after the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7). It appears that streak has come to an end, though I don’t discount what Samsung has done and what it plans to do in the months ahead. Right now, the company is deep into its Galaxy Note 9 preparations. The Galaxy Note 8 successor is expected to be similar to recent Galaxy flagships, which makes us question Samsung’s approach. The Galaxy Note 9 could release earlier than usual with its August ETA to beat rivals and make up for lower than desired sales of the Galaxy S9.

Samsung has done a bunch of things to spark more demand for its Galaxy S9 models while the company finishes up on the Galaxy Note 9. Both Galaxy S9 models are now available for pre-order in Sunrise Gold in the US, a color that was limited to only a few countries beforehand. As we know from the past, Samsung is no stranger to launching color and themed variants of its latest flagship phones. A few weeks ago, Samsung also came out with 128GB and 256GB storage variants, which could have been another indication of slow sales. And now this week, Amazon began a sales promotion dropping the price of the unlocked Galaxy S9+ by $100.

Looking ahead to Samsung’s plans for 2019, the company is expected to introduce Galaxy S10 in January after trying to perfect the model for the longest time. Like the rumored Galaxy Note 9 unveiling, this is earlier than usual. However, it could be for different reasons. Though the Galaxy S10 is said to bring more change than the Galaxy Note 9 with a beneath display fingerprint scanner, beneath screen speaker and all-screen design, the Galaxy X could be the real game-changer. This device is yet to be confirmed including its name, which would take after the Apple iPhone X. This would be interesting since the Galaxy S10 translates to Galaxy X in roman numeral. Sources believe Galaxy X will launch around March after years of being delayed. This is when we usually get the Galaxy S model upgrade so there’s still a chance both models are unveiled together. Galaxy X will be a brand new model of a brand new line with a foldable display.

Unlike previous smartphones that have been round curved and flexible, the Galaxy X is said to be the first foldable touch screen device. We could be looking at something that begins as a smartphone and unfolds to become a tablet, which would be the first of it’s kind. Some concepts have shown what the device could look like, but we haven’t seen any actual leaks of the device Samsung might commercialize. The device could release in select markets in a limited quantity (similar to Galaxy Note Edge) and the rumored price tag is a whopping $1,800. This year, we saw the smartphone reach the $1,000 mark, but $1,800 is a different level for a phone that might only look cool.

This brings us to our poll of the week. Are you interested in Galaxy X? What will justify an $1,800 price for Galaxy X? How much would you spend on a foldable phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below this post and submit your response in our weekly poll. The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

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