Weekly Poll: Are you tired of hearing about new messaging apps?

Google’s Play Store is full of apps and games, but one category that has taken off more in the last year or so is messaging applications. There are a ton of messaging apps available on Android, many of which see millions of active users each and every day. Leading the charge is Facebook, who just this week announced a brand new messaging app, and the possibility of another.

Do we really need any more messaging apps? I mean, we have Hangouts, Allo, Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, Whatsapp, the list goes on and on. And just this week, Facebook announced ‘Messenger Kids,’ which is essentially a message app for children that parents will know they’ll be safe using.

Messenger Kids released on iOS this week, and is coming to Android “in the next few months,” at which point Facebook will own another messaging app. The app, as its name implies, is aimed at the younger crowd. Making it special is the ability for parents to set controls and create an approved contact list. Their kids upon using the app will only be able to chat with persons on the pre-approved list. And, those not on the pre-approved list won’t be able to contact him or her in any way. Of course, since this is an app for kids, there are kid-friendly features to spice up conversations including kid-appropriate GIFs, frames, stickers, and drawing tools. And in the case that you’re an approved adult, don’t worry, you won’t need Messenger Kids, as all messages will cycle through to the standard Facebook Messenger app.

Later in the week, Instagram, owned by Facebook, shared information with a trusted source regarding the possibility of a new messaging app. This messaging app could be called ‘Instagram Direct,’ as essentially it splits off the “direct” messaging feature of Instagram from the social part of the app entailing your stream of photos and videos. The separate app is currently being tested in a few countries, and if all clears, it won’t be long before you need two Instagram apps to keep the functionality you currently have in just one application.

Not long ago, Facebook, the app, had a similar direct message feature built-in, which was eventually spun off into the entirely separate Facebook Message app. The two still work hand in hand with one another, which could soon be the case for Instagram and it’s counterpart. There are obviously pros and cons in weighing the idea of two apps versus just one app, and Facebook is seemingly leaning towards the way of two. Are you okay with this?

This brings us to our poll of the week. Do you prefer having two separate apps, one for social and one for private conversations, or a single app for both? With all these messaging apps being released by Google and Facebook, are you tired of hearing about new messaging apps? Do you mind another? Drop a comment letting us know and be sure to vote in our weekly poll down below. The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

Below are the major stories from this week.

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