Weekly Poll: Do you try lots of new apps?

This week we heard a lot about various mobile applications and we want to highlight the top three stories we reported. To do so, we want to know if new apps, excluding Google’s pre-loaded bunch, are of your demand?

As a tech enthusiast and writer who has been covering the world of Android for years, constantly searching for new apps is not only something I do for enjoyment, it’s part of my job. What I’m finding is that even some of the most tech loyal have stopped browsing for new apps to try out, as if we’ve seen and tested it all. Google’s array of mobile apps has grown to handle just about all you need to be productive, but what about leisure apps? Are you still looking for the baddest, most fun or super useful app/game to tell your friends about? Or, do you wait to hear from nerds like us to report on the apps we find, or that your friends find amusing?

Over the last few years, much like it has done for software updates, Google has made it easy for Android users to find and test different apps on the Play Store. It’s become easier to navigate the market with dedicated categories for everything and the selection continues to grow. Google also has a beta program on the Play Store that allows users to enroll for certain apps, granted by the developer, of which they can test preview versions before they are made available to everyone. I’m enrolled for a few Google apps like Gboard, Google Maps and Google Search, which are frequently updated, but other companies have the same ability. Nova Launcher does it, Chrooma Keyboard does it, and so do others like Microsoft. Google even went as far this week to add something as basic as its Phone app to the beta testing program, even though it probably won’t see many major improvements. With entertainment apps seemingly on the rise, and Google I/O taking place next month, we could learn a lot more in this respect very soon.

Google has taken app testing even further to help Android users find the best apps, especially over the past year. The Android Excellence app category is updated every quarter with apps Google recommends that users try out. These are not necessarily the most popular, but in fact the best of all new apps on the Play Store in terms of complying with Google’s design rules, performance, and optimization for several Android versions. Hence why they earn Google’s respect and are awarded. Again, this just makes it easier for Android users to find new apps they might enjoy.

Even if your favorite app in terms of functionality does not have the app experience you’re looking for, odds are you’ll find another app that does the same thing. Twitter for example, is one of the most popular social networks. We use it and so do hundreds of millions around the globe. However, some of these users don’t like the app experience. With Twitter’s approval, third-party developers have made Twitter clients of their own that provide Twitter functionality, but in a different app design to be the way they think it should be. Unfortunately, this week, one of the most popular clients known as Flamingo, reached the download cap set by Twitter and is no longer available. But, there are tons of other options out there. Personally, I suggest something like Fenix to do the trick.

Apps have got to be really good with new guidelines, abilities and security measures being put in place by Google. The number of app downloads is often reported and Google always talks about reaching new heights, but is that just because mobile devices are in more people’s hands? Or is the apps per device capita still increasing? This brings us to our poll of the week. Do you try lots of new apps? Drop a comment letting us know and be sure to vote in our weekly poll down below. The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

Below are the major stories from this week.

One can now enroll on Google’s Play Store to beta test the Google Phone app

More apps and games join Google’s ‘Android Excellence’ collection in April

Flamingo Twitter client is shut down

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