Weekly Poll: Is water resistance a must have feature for a flagship smartphone in 2017?

Two years ago, waterproofing was far from a mainstream feature on smartphones or tablets. But today, things have seemingly changed, as a plentiful of Android flagship or “high-end” smartphones in general now come with some kind of water or splash resistance.

It’s safe to say that Sony and Samsung helped pioneer water resistance as a feature on smartphones. Dating back quite a few years, these two manufacturers have had a phone in their lineup with the added IP rated protection. Today, lots have boarded the trend and have discovered a way to add water resistance, so many that we must bring into question, has water resistance become a standard feature for smartphones?

Affordable Android phones are beginning to come with some kind of splash or water resistance, and even Apple has caught on as of late to include an IP certification against water and dust elements on its latest generation models. This week, Samsung introduced Galaxy S8 Active, a military grade rugged phone with an incorporated seal to keep out water. The success Samsung’s Galaxy Active series has seen over the years is arguably the reason why manufacturer’s started implementing the protection on their own devices. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is also expected to have water resistance just like the Galaxy S8 models from earlier this year.

This fall, Google is expected to unveil two new Pixel smartphones, a Pixel 2 made by HTC code-named ‘Walleye‘ and a Pixel XL 2 made by LG code-named ‘Taimen.’ Last year’s Pixel phones failed to board significant water resistance, including only a resistance against rain and light splashes. Google is just about the only popular Android manufacturer left whose flagship grade devices don’t board at least an IP67 certification against water and dust. Rumor is that both of this year’s Pixel 2 models will change that and we sure hope so, but the feature is far from confirmed as is the case with many other features that have been among debate.

The rumored Pixel 2 smartphones are expected out soon, and this week it seemed like we inched a bit closer towards an official unveiling. Pixel 2 leaked not once, but twice, showing a 16:9 aspect ratio, large bezels, front-firing speakers, a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, a shrunken glass window, and a large rear camera lens. The Google Store also began running its ‘Back to School’ promotion for 2017 this week, and the tech giant’s current Pixel models have been heavily discounted. This could be a sign that the Pixel 2 family is on the way!

This brings us to our poll of the week. With so many phones coming with water resistance these days, should it be expected that all smartphones include this feature? If so, where do we draw the line at high-end or mid-range? Will it change your buying behavior if the Android phone you’re considering fails to bring some kind of water resistance? Let us know by voting in our weekly poll or by dropping a comment below. The poll will remain open all week and we look forward to hearing your response.

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