Weekly Poll: What company’s products are you looking forward to meeting most at MWC 2017?

Get ready for a helluva lot of mobile phones and gadgets! Mobile World Congress or MWC for short, begins this week! We’re expecting lots of mobile gear to debut at the event, so let’s dive right in!

For many years in a row now, the MWC trade show has played a large part in marketing new tech gadgets and services to media companies such as Droid Turf. MWC is part of the big trio, we like to call it, which consists of the three largest consumer technology shows on the planet that happen year-to-year. CES is the first of the year with MWC, Mobile World Congress, right on its heals in late February to early March. The last of the trio is to take place is IFA, which takes place near the start of the Fall season in September.

For the last several years, the MWC conference has been held in Barcelona, Spain with simultaneous satellite events happening in large cities around the world.

Being that Droid Turf is a tech news blog dedicated to providing extensive coverage of the Android Ecosystem, which is a “mobile” operating system, “Mobile” World Congress, is the main event match.

CES has shifted away from mobile products in favor of large-screen TVs, home appliances, virtual reality gear, and audio equipment. IFA is anybody’s guess really, as we see a large mixture of product species unveiled. Droid Turf is a site dedicated to mobile computing and Android, therefore Mobile World Congress is one that gathers most of our audience’s attention, and takes the most work out of our contributor staff.

Thanks to past rumors, reports and leaks, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect at this year’s event. Large companies such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, BlackBerry, and Nokia will be on the show-floor to showcase their latest tech. Unlike CES, where all we got were two smartphones, MWC is said to give way to many even flagship smartphones, tablets and Android Wear smartwatches. This follows suite with past years. Though smartphones will clearly be big at the event, we expect to see some cool gadgets and smart-home gear as well. We’ll make sure to give you a healthy dose of news.

Starting with the biggest in Samsung, who rarely ever skips the opportunity to attend a show like such. The South Korean company, as many of you already know, will not take wraps off the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ during the show. Instead, the two smartphones will be announced at a private event in late March or early April. We are however, expected to be treated to a one minute teaser video about the Galaxy S8 models, and get confirmation of the Galaxy S8’s unveiling date. Samsung will likely use the remainder of its time to unveil a new tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3.

Both HTC and BlackBerry (TCL) could end up launching mid-range smartphones. An HTC One X10 appeared in leaks not that long ago, and the former code-named ‘Mercury‘ handset should be unfolded by BlackBerry and TCL in full details on Saturday. Huawei will have loads of mobile hardware to show off at event including new P10 smartphones with flagship tier specifications. The company is also expected to release its Huawei Watch successor, Huawei Watch 2, centered around fitness. Also confirmed to make appearances at the show are Sony, Lenovo, U.S. carrier Verizon, and Nokia. What product or service each will announce has remained up in the air, so expect some surprises! The real show-stopper will be LG, a South Korean manufacturer. The company has confirmed that it will launch its flagship G6 smartphone on Sunday, just prior to the trade show’s beginning. The handset is expected to release in South Korean stores later this month with a U.S. roll-out following about 4 weeks later in April.

Droid Turf will be covering the event starting on Saturday, February 25th running through March 2nd as well as everything leading up to it and post event coverage, analysis and insight. We’ll keep you updated on everything important right as it happens! For up to the minute updates, follow us across social media.

This brings us to the weekly poll, aka question of the week. We’ve noted lots of different companies and products in this post, but what we really want to know is what tech slated for MWC 2017 are you most excited to learn about and why?

Submit your answer in our weekly poll. You can find it below or on our right sidebar. Be sure to specify the reasoning behind your pick in the open comment section below this post. We look forward to hearing your response.

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