Weekly Poll: Will you pick up any of Google’s new hardware? (Check all that may apply)

Things are winding down now that the Made By Google 2017 event in San Francisco has concluded, but there are a lot of Google goodies including a pair of new Pixels coming our way. It’s the end of review season and Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL are the last of the herd to arrive, which are the successors to last year’s first-generation Pixel models. After reading all about the new accessories, our overviews, spec lists, and insight, we want to know your thoughts. Are you picking up any of Google’s 2017 hardware?

Google is embarking on a new journey with the help of HTC executives. We’ve always known Google to be the software king of the world, but with new times on the way, the Mountain View giant wants to bring its software together with “Made By Google” hardware to create an experience like no other on this planet. Google put high emphasis on this thought during its highlighting unveil of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and has put every last bit of effort into collecting and implementing user feedback to make these the ultimate consumer-friendly devices. Last year’s Pixels caused a surge in stock price for all the right reasons, and a multi-million dollar advertising campaign helped the company and its partner Verizon run out of Pixel phones and rush to raise production. Google has created ample supply this time around that will hopefully be enough to satisfy initial demand for its new smartphones and accessories. Customers need to be able to actually buy Pixel 2, and Google hopefully has a resolution for this year’s product portfolio.

The “Made By Google” hardware event has happened twice now, and unlike past Google events, all emphasis has been on Google and Google everywhere. Today’s showcase took place near home for Google, and was accompanied by a livestream for those to view from home. Google had a lot going on, everything from smartphones, to VR, new smart speakers, a revived Pixel Chromebook, Google Assistant stuff, a camera, and more! Availability has been confirmed for just about everything, and Google and its distributors will host a few deals for those looking to get heavily invested in the Google ecosystem. Competition out on the market is high, very high, so we’ll be anxious to see how Google squares up against arch rivals.

As expected, the press room was fuller than full. Expectations were set high given what we’ve seen leak in recent weeks, and I think it’s safe to say Google delivered. Though we had a good idea in mind regarding what to expect when we walked through the front door, this has become the case with everything now, and there’s still plenty of excitement to go around. People sound intrigued, and so are we. Once we get some review units, we’ll pass along our impressions and let you know whether or not Pixel 2 deserves a top ranked spot on our 2017 list of Best Android Smartphones. To learn why we’re confident, catch up on our coverage of the Made By Google 2017 event in the embedded slider down below.


This brings us to our weekly poll, or questions of the week. Did Google do its job this year? Has everything lived up to your expectations? Are you considering a purchase of any new Google tech? Let us know in the open comment section below and submit your responses in our weekly poll (check all that may apply). Your feedback is valued.

We’ll keep you posted on everything Google right as it happens! Follow us on social media for up to the minute updates from the search giant’s Made By Google 2017 event.

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