Weekly Recap: Here are all the major headlines from the week 6/20 – 6/24


The Droid Turf Weekly Recap includes all the major headlines in the Android Ecosystem over the recent week.

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Weekly Recap: 6/20 – 6/24

Monday 6.20

Google expands search functionality to include a list of conditions related to health symptoms

Google now responds with useful information when asked about symptoms of illnesses and sicknesses. Responses will include a list of related conditions and self-treatment options. Information is accurate and may recommend that you talk with a health professional right then and there on the web. The feature is available now in the United States with more countries coming soon. [Read More]

Google will now alert you of when and where your name comes up in search results

A Google Alert can now be set allowing you to see when and where your name comes in up search results. You can pick when and how to be notified and it’s real easy to set up. The feature is available to everyone via Google Alerts now. [Read More]

We got our first glimpse of Samsung’s upcoming Gear S3 smartwatch, or did we?

On Monday, sources received images of what appears to be Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch codenamed ‘Solis.’ The leak includes text reading ‘Gear S3,’ but the images don’t appear clear enough to show precise detail. If real, this is our first look at the upcoming watch from Samsung, which is due out this fall. [Read More]


Tuesday 6.21

Twitter raises the video clip length you can share to 140 seconds and introduces new Engage app

Tuesday was a big day for the social platform Twitter. The company lifted the cap for how vidoes you can share to 140 seconds, which happens to also be the amount of permitted characters. Twitter also unveiled a totally new called ‘Twitter Engage.’ This allows creators to more easily connect with and learn from their fans. [Read More]

New Sony Xperia models hit the United States

The Xperia X Performance, Xperia X, Xperia XA, and Xperia XA Ultra all made their U.S. debut on Tuesday and are now available to pre-order from select retailers. For a limited time, retailers are even throwing in bonus SD cards for free. All handsets feature mid-range specifications and have a premium build, thus allowing them to be sold at a budget-friendly price. [Read More]

Clash of Clans creator Supercell to be acquired by Tencent

Supercell, the company behind many popular Android games, will soon be acquired by Tencent for over $8 billion. This may lead to a shift in style and strategy moving forward. [Read More]

Google introduced a simple method for two-step verification

A pop-up prompt on your secured smartphone is Google’s new method of two-step verification. Instead of having to wait for a confirmation email, and then enter a PIN, Google is making security a whole lot easier while staying secure at the same time. Moving forward, all you’ll need to do is unlock your smartphone and verify your account with just a tap to sign-in on your desktop computer. Welcome to the future. [Read More]


Wednesday 6.22

Unicode 9.0 goes official, introduces the world to 72 new emoji

Unicode version 9.0 includes 7,500 new characters and 72 new emoji. Some of the newly added emoji include food, people expressions, animals, sports, and medals. It’s now up to Google, Apple and other third-party developers to implement Unicode 9.0 into their software code. [Read More]

Samsung will go away with the flat-screened Galaxy Note variant 

On Wednesday, the Korea Times reported that Samsung will release just one Galaxy Note variant this year. Like never before, it’ll include dual-edges, meaning there will be no flat-screened variant. Sources say it’ll be released ahead of schedule on August 2nd. [Read More]


Thursday 6.23

Dropbox launches new productivity tools

Popular cloud storage service, Dropbox, has a slew of new productivity tools it’s launching in effort to build a robust line for business. The biggest new feature allows users to scan and upload documents using their smartphone’s camera. Dropbox is also making use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which will be used to recognize text on the document that’s being scanned-in. This allows for better searching and more. [Read More]

HTC’s Sense Home 8.0 is being tested on non-HTC Android devices

HTC is giving other players in the Android Ecosystem the chance to test Sense Home 8.0 on their device. This allows users to replace the pre-installed home launcher on their device with HTC’s. The company sent out invites to a very limited number of people at random to test it out. [Read More]


Friday 6.24

T-Mobile’s Summer Unleashed program will give unlimited high-speed data to customers traveling to Europe

U.S. carrier, T-Mobile, announced Friday that it’ll allow customers to use unlimited data with no additional charges when traveling to Europe this summer. This is a big move, one that rivals probably won’t take up on. [Read More]

Possible specs leak for HTC’s upcoming Nexus device code-named ‘Sailfish’ 

Nexus fanboys got an early peek at what to expect on the smaller of two upcoming Nexus devices. The handset will be made by HTC, and is initially referred to by its codename, ‘Sailfish.’ Possible specs include a 5-inch Full HD display, a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 12MP/8MP cameras. [Read More] Alongside it, Google may launch a new Nexus support app for quick help. [Read More]

Google introduces an Android Basics Nanodegree course for learning app development

Android Developers are key to a successful future for Google. And right now, it’s easier than ever to learn Java code. Google recently introduced a new Basics Nanodegree course for learning Android app development from scratch. Absolutely no prior knowledge is needed. Google is even awarding some of the first to complete the course with scholarship money. [Read More]

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