Wireless Charging Stand for Galaxy Note 9 appears at the FCC

This week, a wireless charging cradle made an appearance at the FCC for certification with Samsung written all over it. The upcoming charging stand with USB Type-C appears to be for the upcoming Galaxy Note 9, which could be announced earlier than expected as indicated by the fact the FCC is usually a final stop.

Samsung could debut the next iteration Galaxy Note in August following lower than expected Galaxy S9 sales. We have already seen what the Galaxy Note 9 could look like, which is mostly similar to the Galaxy S9. But now we’re getting a glimpse of what could be one of many accessories sold alongside it. More important than the accessory itself is its revealing of information about the upcoming flagship smartphone. Keep in mind though that Samsung is no longer looking to be first in everything.

Taking a look at the filing for the fast wireless charger, we see raw output that matches that needed to power a 4,000mAh battery. This is good evidence that the Galaxy Note 9 will feature one of Samsung’s biggest battery units ever included in a flagship smartphone. This is a massive size compared to those inside other devices on the market, and should make for more than a day on one charge. But how? We don’t know for sure, but this may have something to do with the recent FCC approvals for faster wireless charging standards. From personal experience, battery life on Samsung phones has been hit or miss, and many could agree that this would be a welcome improvement.

As for the charger itself, the model number is EP-N6100. This falls in line with previously launched wireless charging stands that serve the same purpose only for older devices. With the new model, we’re looking at new colors and much faster charging speeds, meaning that battery life could be a major focus for this year’s Note iteration along with the camera. Needless to say, this confirms the return of Samsung’s glass back. Stay tuned for more rumors and leaks and leave any thoughts below.


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