YouTube Music is rolling out now

Early this week, we informed you about the timing of Google’s YouTube Music service and everything we know about it. The update that will be “major,” began its roll out yesterday and updates the current YouTube Music application.

YouTube Music is not YouTube Remix and began rolling out yesterday, but few have actually received the revamp. Google spoke about it on its blog and released a video containing some of the new features, but there wasn’t the big splash I was expecting. The roll out might be staged, hence why not everyone got it at once. This takes a bit away from the steam, and considering Google is late to the game, it’s not a smart way to go about a release.

Those who have received the update have reached out to Droid Turf to say that it’s not as big of an overhaul as many were hoping for. We’ll have to see for ourselves, so don’t let this take your attention away just yet as I’m sure more of us who signed up will land the update on our devices soon.

For those of you unfamiliar, YouTube Music is the newest entrant to the growing streaming music service market and is made for modern day to compete with the likes of Spotify. YouTube Red is becoming YouTube Premium, and there are also YouTube Music and YouTube Music Premium plans. Nothing will happen to the replaced outdated service, Play Music, just yet. The service capitalizes on the strong YouTube brand, merges services together and borrows features from Play Music. What’s weird is that the logo nor brand matches Google’s Play suite of apps, which has traditionally been its bundle of services. Google is said to have worked on it for a long time to carve out every issue and make it simple to use. And best of all, if you buy one plan, you get the cheaper plan(s) bundled in at no added cost.

As we await the update’s availability for everyone, check the link in brackets below and see if you can sign up for the service. If you’re able to get YouTube Music running, let us know your platform and device in the comments.

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