ZTE Axon M with folding screen is headed to AT&T

AT&T is getting an exclusive offering in that of ZTE’s Axon M, which was announced just last week. The device is the first of its kind, and we really mean it. Check out that screen. Here’s everything you should know.

Last week, ZTE introduced the world to Axon M, and it’s an interesting device to say the very least. You probably noticed that even before landing on this page. Innovation plays a major role in the smartphone market today, where coming up with something new and exciting has become difficult for nobody to implement due to all that’s been patented. Well, say hello to Axon M, a smartphone that folds.

ZTE is getting its feet wet in US markets this year, and through AT&T, Axon M may catch a few eyes. Apart from the dual-screen design with foldable body, specs are pretty much what you’d expect from an upper mid-range device. There’s a Snapdragon 821 processor backed up by 4GB of RAM inside, as well as two 5.2-inch Full HD screens.

Axon M has a few viewing modes thanks to the foldable design language. A hinge in the middle of the two displays allow the screens to be separated or joined, the latter providing a mini tablet-like experience. You can use the screens independently, or, join them together, which can be a bit weird. Other than that, this is your typical Android powerhouse. It runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat, and should, in theory, get Android 8.0 Oreo some day.

This is really a niche product all because of the design. I mean, how many of you would rush out and buy it? Probably none of you. To me, it’s more of a concept of what could come out of major players down the road, and ZTE just wanted to be first to bring something of this type to market.

You can buy Axon M on AT&T in the US or on the Docomo carrier in Japan. Pricing will run you about $24 USD per month over 24 months, so it ain’t cheap! Let us know if this device catches your interest down in the comment section.


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