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If you’re reading this, you got to this page one way or another. That’s why we’re saying thank you for your interest in Droid Turf.

We love getting emails from our readers, so never hesitate to shoot us a message. Our Founder and current Editor in Chief as well as the remainder of the Droid Turf team is always on standby. Whether we be at home, out and about, or traveling overseas, most of the time you can reach us in some way or another. Our team is composed of talented writers who have a passion for mobile technology and years of enterprise with everything Android. To contact one of our contributors directly, you can access their contact information from the Meet the team page.

If you’re here with a question pertaining to one of the below topics, you can reach us via email at

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  • Donations – To support us in keeping site functions free of any costs, send us a small donation. Every little bit really does help. More information here
  • Wallpaper submission – if you’re an artist (graphic designer) we may showcase some of your work in front of the Droid Turf crowd. (please note that tips are different, see below)

If you’re in need of technical support or have a question, our current Editor in Chief Doug Demagistris will be able to assist you via email at You should however take advantage of our Connect+ service, which connects readers directly to Droid Turf contributors via live chat. This is done during our free hours. For our availability schedule, head on over to the Connect+ page where our one-on-one chat service takes place. There’s also always the comment section below each post! We love to see readers take advantage of this!

To keep things organized for us, please include the word [HELP] and your name in the subject line if you do decide to email.

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Interest in joining our team

Think you have what it takes to contribute to Droid Turf? You can get in contact with us through the Join the Team page.

Droid Turf Review Service

Have something for us to review? Send an email to Eligible products include mobile devices, cool gadgets and accessories. Services related to the content we cover may also be eligible.

Note: Just because you have a product or service you want us to review, doesn’t mean we’ll do it. Times are busier than others and we can’t possibly review everything submitted to us.

When sending information about your product, please put [DEVICE REVIEW] along with the name of the product and company in the subject line. For services, include the same information with [SERVICE REVIEW] in the subject line.

Our team may also take a look at your mobile application. The main requirement is that your app is suitable for our generally young crowd.

Note: There are times in the year that are busier than others, but we’ll do our best to give you a shot if we’re interested and you meet our conditions.

To get your product, service or app reviewed by a Droid Turf contributor, please send a first look to the email address provided above with [APP REVIEW] and the title of the app and publishing company in the subject line.

Note: We must be given time to complete reviews. Most of the time we’ll be working on many simultaneously. These take time especially considering that most of our contributors work part-time and have day jobs. We take reviews with great importance here at Droid Turf to ensure readers get real insight on what’s being displayed.

Guest posts

Do you want to advertise your product, service, or app in front of our crowd without a review? If it pertains to our site and the material we cover, we may just permit it. All starts with an email. Reach us at For our sake, put [GUEST POST] in the subject line along with your name.

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