Alto’s Odyssey for Android is coming July 26

You may remember Alto’s Adventure. It was a super popular game that topped all lists on Google’s Play Store and remained there for several months. The puzzle game had achieved remarkable success after releasing for Android devices, and a sequel taking after the first version has been announced by the developer team.

Alto’s Odyssey will be the next version of the popular adventure game that came before it. Alto’s Adventure was one of few games I used to play on my phone and many people are still playing it today. Alto’s Odyssey will be a similar game with a new world of stages and even better graphics than before. Just this week, the producers confirmed July 26 as the official release date for the app on Android, which is next week.

Alto’s Odyssey will be new to Android users, but may be familiar to iOS users. That’s because the game released on iOS earlier this year and is only now coming to Android. The hype is off the charts as Alto’s Odyssey will look to capitalize on the successful name made with Alto’s Adventure. Those who have been waiting patiently won’t have to wait much longer.

If you enjoyed the first Alto’s game, I imagine you’ll like this one. The developers have come out with a teaser trailer already, and in it you can catch some scenes of the new gameplay. If you enjoy games like this you should be excited.

The app will be available next week for most Android devices. It’s expected to be free to download from the start unlike Alto’s Adventure. Once available, be on the lookout for future updates with feature upgrades that enhance the experience. The big release will go down on Google’s Play Store where the app is already available for pre-register. If you sign up soon at the link in brackets below, you should be able to access the new game for download on opening day. I’ll be among those checking it out, let us know in the comments if you do the same, and if so, your experiences.

[Alto’s Odyssey – Pre-Register Link]

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