Confirmed: Razer Phone will skip Android 8.0 in favor of Android 8.1 Oreo

Now that Android P is in alpha form, manufacturers are expected to shift their focus to the next version of Google’s mobile OS. Many Android flagship owners are still without Oreo, which is downright disappointing. So before manufacturers jump on Android P, it would be nice if some companies update their devices to last year’s version to prevent further fragmentation of the OS.  The Nextbit Robin buyer is doing just that.

Most Android OEMs are actively working on Oreo betas and some have begun pushing the version out to their newer Android devices. This is important because loyal buyers get the feeling their brand cares to preserve their device’s value over time. The latest to confirm its update status is Razer, who will seek to stay in line with the speedy OEMs in terms of Android updates by skipping over Android 8.0 in favor of Android 8.1. We’ve seen other companies like Essential do this to save time, and given Razer has just one Android device, and beta starts today, a public roll out should not be that far out.

This will be the first Oreo update for Razer and the Razer Phone models, and the first and only (possibly) preview is now in developer preview for testing. If we get future beta updates that take away some of the bugs and issues, we’ll let you know. As for this one, the standard rules of any developer preview apply. The software is buggy so it’s not recommended by us nor Razer to flash unless you have a spare device lying around and the set up process is familiar to you. If you decide to proceed, just know that you might be sacrificing battery life and performance by doing so. You can send your feedback to Razer through the company’s website.

The system images can be had from the company’s website as well, linked below as the source. Newbies are welcome because this is an open beta, but must first download the flashable zips to flash system images, meaning that data will be lost. We’ve also included a link to installation instructions shall you need them. Let us know if you’re updating in the comments and we’ll keep you up to date as future Android updates are released. Razer says to expect the official OTA for Razer Phone in mid to late-April. Watch for our Droid Updates Series for when it happens.

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