Deal: Save on refurbished Pixel or Pixel XL while supply lasts

Google’s OG Pixel smartphones may be almost two years old, but they rock the latest version of Android in style and have withstood time like no others. The Pixel and larger Pixel XL, despite all their greatness, continue to drop in price now that Pixel 2 phones are here and Pixel 3 handsets are rumored to be on the way. The latest deal allows buyers to save on refurbished units while supply lasts.

The deals are live over at the Daily Steals website despite being active for more than a single day. The phones are refurbished, which has made for the incredibly low price tag. This essentially means that the devices were fully restored to like-new condition after being previously owned. If this does not bother you, the bottom line price tags of $209 for Pixel and $219 for Pixel XL will sound almost too good to be true. Keep in mind that this is an instant price reduction; you don’t have to worry about any carrier requirements getting in the way nor is a trade-in needed.

These are the prices for the 32GB storage models, but Daily Steals is also offering a discount on the 128GB capacities that cost just a bit more at $239 and $259, respectively. For the difference in pricing, you’d be crazy not to go for the extra storage and larger XL variant if you can put up with its size. And as a quick PSA, these are the Verizon variants, but can be unlocked to work on other carriers as well. As of the time this post was written, all three color variants are in stock.

You won’t find deals as good as these anywhere else, at least right now. In fact, we’ve never seen Pixel and Pixel XL in this condition, sell for a price this low, so get one while the deal is active to save. The link is included below and feel free to check out some other deals we’ve reported on here at Droid Turf.

What do you think of these prices and are you picking up either of the two phones?

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