Essential announced an Audio Adapter with 3.5mm jack for Essential PH-1

Andy Rubin is selling Essential, and many are not happy about it. Until a buyer is found and that person or group decides what to make of the company and its employees, we heard that Essential would remain at work. There will be no future Essential Phone, as confirmed by Rubin and company, but there might be a smart home coming and there will be module attachments for the Essential PH-1. A few days ago, Essential announced an Audio Adapter for the one and only Essential Phone. This is a positive sign if you’re an Essential Phone owner, since it means support will live on for at least a little while longer.

Low sales of Essential PH-1 forced Essential to cut back on spending, so we thought. A new Audio Adapter HD module is here and connects to the back of one’s Essential phone right where the 360 Camera would pair. The ability to connect modules for added device functionality is big, despite being limited to just one at a time. Essential can add features to already announced phones using external mods, which help sustain a phone’s value over time. The set up is as easy as Moto Mods.

The new adapter adds the 3.5mm headphone jack since the phone does not include one. This makes us wonder whether Essential should have included it in the first place, but at least the option is available for those who are hungry for that port. Having USB Type-C serve as both the headphone and charging port has become the standard for most high-end devices, so I can’t imagine anyone buying this phone just because it now supports a headphone jack mod. Keep in mind, you’ll have to carry the mod with you, and shall you leave it on the phone, you’ll be unable to use a case.

The Audio Adapter also includes full MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) rendering and an audiophile-grade amp for better quality sound through supported headphones. However, you’ll have to wait for a software update that will enable the support for MQA. The module will be available this summer for an unknown price tag. Regardless of the module, if you’re an Essential Phone owner, you’ll get three months of TIDAL for free once the update for MQA tracks arrives.

We’ll keep you posted shall we hear anything on the future of Essential.

SOURCE [Essential]

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