Google AR tape measure app now available from Play Store for select devices

Google has another new app available in the Play Store. It’s called “Measure – quick, everyday measurements” and is a digital AR (Augmented Reality) tape measure app. We saw a demonstration of the feature at a Google event a ways back, but the feature is now rolling out to more users in the form of its own application.

Since its developer conference last month, Google has been hard at work perfecting a bunch of apps, some new and others through updates. The company’s newest app on Android, as mentioned, is the AR tape measure app. The app used to come standard exclusively on Tango-enabled phones until the AR project was tossed aside by Google in favor of ARCore. Though the selection of devices is still limited, all ARCore-enabled devices will be compatible with the tape measure app.

Unlike Tango which required special hardware accommodations, ARCore is an app meant to bring augmented reality to more Android devices. Despite the idea, Google has struggled in making the platform widely available for devices anything short of modern-day flagships.

The app itself is super cool and despite its limited availability, has climbed into the top ten for most popular apps in the tools category on the Play Store. Essentially, it works as a virtual tap measure on your phone using its camera so long as the surrounding lighting conditions are acceptable. Users set two points in the real world environment and the app is able to determine the distance between them. A tool like this could be super helpful in planning a home makeover by measuring the gaps on walls, in rooms and such.

The app has the potential to impact many fields and is available now for those with compatible devices. The download link is below in brackets. Hopefully Google will expand support soon. I’m able to run the app on my Pixel 2 XL, and I found it pretty amazing just how accurate the tool actually is. Let us know if you’re eligible for ARCore down in the comments.

[Tango Measure – Download Link]

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