HTC Exodus blockchain phone will launch in Q3

We briefly heard about an HTC blockchain phone named ‘Exodus‘ a few months ago. This week, more details have come in from HTC regarding the device we didn’t expect to see on markets as soon as this year. HTC has now confirmed the phone for a launch in Q3 of 2018. 

HTC’s mobile division has been struggling for several years. And in the company’s latest attempt to do something different from that market competitors do not already offer, the company will announce a blockchain-powered phone. This is sure to be plenty different from what we’re used to getting from HTC. The company’s goal with Exodus is to eventually support the entire blockchain ecosystem. This would be new for the Android ecosystem, bringing to it superior security and improved user experience through private web browsers and apps.

The phone will cost around $1,000, which is a bit more than we would have liked to see. Considering what one can get for a price tag like this, Exodus will have to come with many benefits. I can’t see spending this kind of money, but maybe HTC has something up its sleeve and will prove me wrong. I just think there are a lot of competitive options due out in the fall that will offer more than this guy. It’ll be interesting to see what we get and hopefully it doesn’t deter HTC from releasing flagship Android phones.

In creating the phone, HTC has partnered with Animoca and Bitmark, and has joined forces with the maker’s behind Cryptokitties. HTC plans to have more partnerships like these as progress is made. The pack will look to begin a new movement with the upcoming device and distribute it to regions around the world. We know that Exodus will support cryptocurrency, as well as decentralized applications (DApps) while connected together on a new blockchain network. There’s still a lot about the phone that we don’t know, but now that we know when it’s coming, it shouldn’t be long before more details make their way out to the public through leaks.

The HTC Exodus could be available in select countries. I think the idea is a bit of a long shot for success, but given HTC’s struggles, every risk is worth taking so they can keep making phones. Either HTC is on to something or it’ll be too little too late. What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you’d be the slightest interested.

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VIA [The Verge]

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