New OxygenOS Oreo beta debuts for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

OnePlus has been one of many who has at least been trying to update its devices with Google’s Android Oreo software from 2017. The company’s newest devices, OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T, last received a new open beta update in early February. New OxygenOS builds, however, have come out this week for the pair. Build six has been released for the OnePlus 5 and build 4 for the OnePlus 5T. Both include most of the features and elements found in Android 8.1, the latest version of the mobile OS to roll out publicly.

OnePlus has also bundled in surprises of its own along with the Android system upgrade (8.1), including a notable pick-up gesture for both devices allowing users to answer a call automatically when the mobile is lifted. We’ve seen this on some other Android devices so it’s not exactly new. Also included are fresh Android security patches (February 2018). Additionally, there are some new optimizations for immersive gaming, as well as a new app known as OnePlus Switch, which will help new device owners move over their data from an old phone.

The update is rolling out now to existing members over-the-air, but if you’d like to risk it all and test the upcoming software on your compatible device, you can do so and skip the prior builds that are not as stable. Newbies are welcome because this is an open beta, but must first download the flashable zips to flash system images, meaning that data will be lost. It’s not recommended by us nor OnePlus to flash unless you have a spare device lying around and are familiar with the somewhat complicated process. If you do, back-up everything before diving in and just know that you’re potentially sacrificing performance, battery life and reliance on certain functions. Feedback is always welcome and will help OnePlus fix issues and improve stability for an eventual public release.

Though there has been a lot of buzz on Android P these days, the reality is that we’re still a ways away from its public release expected in Q3 of 2018. Many Android flagship owners are still without Oreo, which is downright disappointing. So before manufacturer jump on Android P, it would be nice if some companies update their devices to last year’s version to prevent further fragmentation of the OS. OnePlus appears to be sticking to plans, which should please many fans. Let’s hope other OEMs do the same.

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