Pre-ordering an LG V30 in the US could get you Google’s yet to be seen second-generation Daydream View

In perhaps the hottest news of the day, popular leaker Evan Blass has suggested something interesting about LG V30 pre-orders. According to a leaked promotional advertisement, a pre-order of LG V30 could land you Google’s second-generation Daydream View VR headset free of charge.

LG is having trouble providing consumers an incentive to buy the LG V30, which just this past week, went on sale in Korea. We’re expecting pre-orders to go live in the US and other North American countries such as Canada and Mexico, any day now. LG G6 sales weren’t the hottest, and the company is trying to change things with its larger phablet, the LG V30. To convince customers in the market to buy an LG V30, LG will be throwing in all kinds of free goodies as Samsung usually does, and one of them might be Google’s yet to be released, Daydream View headset for VR.

Google will hold an event next Wednesday to announce a whole new ‘Made by Google’ family of devices. One of those devices is expected to be a new Daydream View headset, said to get a price bump to either $99 or $149 from $79 (price of last year’s model). This as well as a content bundle could be given out for free to buyers of the LG V30, or those who pre-order at the very least. Though the promotional banner shows Google’s original Daydream View goggles and not the new pair that recently leaked here, the stated MSRP value acts as the indicator that the new model might be given out. There’s also a notice in the fine print mentioning that the “model and color” of the headset is subject to change. We still don’t know what advances Google has given its upcoming Daydream View headset, but we should find out next week.

It’s good to see that LG is still working closely with Google, and we sure hope Pixel 2 buyers are given an opportunity to purchase a similar deal (you would think)! Perhaps we’ll see this deal go in effect once LG V30 pre-orders begin in the US, hopefully some time soon.

SOURCE [Evan Blass on Twitter]

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