The Sony Xperia XZ3’s price and spec sheet leak

Sony seems to believe that more phones means better performance. Coming out with a new phone that makes the older outdated every four or so months is not a good strategy IMO since value depreciates quickly after launch, but some companies have made a six-month cycle work. Earlier this week amidst continued financial struggles, an unconfirmed flagship smartphone was listed by a UK retailer. The supposed device is the Xperia XZ3, though you should probably take this with a grain of salt.

An early product listing has revealed a lot of information including specs and pricing for yet another upcoming Sony smartphone. As pointed out by Mobile Fun as linked below as the source, there will be just one Xperia XZ3 model for now in that of a standard model. It could have a 5.7-inch screen with a 1080 x 2160 pixel resolution good for Full HD. Under the hood might be a Snapdragon 845 processor backed up by 6GB of RAM and 64GB of base storage space (with microSD card support). There will be two rear-facing cameras, 19MP and 12MP lenses, as well as a solo 13MP selfie shooter. The battery will be of a rather small 3,240mAh capacity, though the device is expected to have some version of Android Oreo from the box.

Like Sony’s premium Xperia XZ2 family consisting of several members launched over the last six months, the upcoming successor could have the company’s new design language known as ‘Ambient Flow.’ We attached the picture from the product listing, but this might just be a fake stock photo. Unless, the Xperia XZ3 model is extraordinarily similar to the recent Xperia XZ2 handsets. Either way, we’d expect a minor upgrade given that nothing revolutionary has come out between the last model and now. The fingerprint scanner being in the same ugly spot on back tells the story of Sony’s lack of change.

Availability may be limited to the UK at first, unlocked to work on most carriers. Xperia XZ3 could retail for as much as $995 USD in translation, which is most probably way too much. For an unlocked phone, it takes a true fan to spend that much and apparently Sony has not learned its lesson from the past. Many phones reached the $1,000 mark this year and did not sell well, which makes sense given that slightly lesser-spec phones drop to around $599. With the growing premium mid-range sector possessing fantastic phones with a bang for their buck such as OnePlus 6, Moto Z3 Force or any of the cheaper yet similar Sony Xperia XZ2 models such as the compact version, it’d be easy on the consumer to find a good alternative option. Sony might have a hard time selling units against the competition with what it’s putting out there, especially if it offers no free goodies like it usually does.

Sony has confirmed a press conference for August 30 at IFA 2018 in Berlin this fall. We could see the device show up there if Sony doesn’t feel like it’s early enough, meaning that a release in stores could happen in late Q3 or Q4. US availability has not been confirmed. More on what to expect will surely be coming in the months ahead. Given what you now know, what do you think of Sony’s next smartphone?

SOURCE [Mobile Fun]
VIA [Android Headlines]

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