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Google Assistant and Amazon Echo are on their way to Microsoft’s Xbox One

June 6, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Earlier this week, it was reported by Windows Central that new digital assistants will arrive on Microsoft’s Xbox One devices. We’re talking about the people’s favorites, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. If you own an Xbox One, this should come across as great news.


Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition makes its debut

April 26, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Amazon has had a few Echo speaker offerings on the market for some time. The cheapest in the lineup of smart devices is Amazon Echo Dot. While Amazon isn’t yet ready to release a next-gen model, there is now a new variation of the popular Echo Dot. Meet Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition.


Samsung working on Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod speaker rival

August 31, 2017 Droid Turf

Samsung unveiled Bixby when it announced the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ earlier this spring, and despite its evaluation by some as a Google Assistant or Apple Siri AI rival that should have never been born, the Korean giant is committed to its AI.


Deal: Save $50 on an Amazon Echo speaker, valid today only!

June 26, 2017 Doug Demagistris

Competition in the connected home is heating up, and so are assistant speakers. Two of the more popular on the market today have been Google Home and Amazon Echo. And for the first time, the two have been set at an equal price point by their owners.


The Lenovo Smart Assistant is a new Amazon Echo competitor

January 3, 2017 Doug Demagistris

Lenovo wants to partake in the digital assistant market with a new gadget of their own, the Lenovo Smart Assistant. The device is a speaker, quite similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home. In fact, it’s powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Here are the details.

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