Android 8.0 might soon be named ‘Oatmeal Cookie’

Google likes to create suspense by keeping the name of its Android system updates veiled in secrecy until the second half of the year. The upcoming Android 8.0 release (called ‘Android O’ for placeholder purposes) brings the same secrecy to the forefront again.

While there’s still no name for what Android O will be, one source says that the upcoming system update has been code-named ‘Oatmeal Cookie.’

References to ‘OC’ are present in the Android source code, hinting that the name will have two words instead of just one. ‘OC’ doesn’t really hint at Oatmeal Cookie, though, some persons of interest at Twitter have dug up code beyond letters and found the words ‘new awesome recipe’ and ‘oatmeal_cookie’ in the source code (see images below). What’s even more interesting is that the words “oatmeal” and “cookie” found in the source code were also published on a slide shown off at Google I/O 2017.

This evidence seems to hint that Android 8.0 could become Oatmeal Cookie, but the evidence isn’t as tightly linked as one would believe. Android lovers can remember back when Android 4.4 KitKat was soon to arrive on the scene: Google published ‘KLP,’ letters that refer to the dessert ‘Key Lime Pie,’ in the source code as the code-name, but kept up the code-name until the Android owner unveiled a KitKat statue on its Mountain View campus that Fall. Google had changed the name of the system update but maintained the assumption to steer clear of enthusiast predictions. Code names such as this are a great way to keep enthusiasts off the trail by making them believe they’re hot on it, and I imagine that this isn’t any different with Android 8.0.

What we do know about Android 8.0 is that Google’s next sweet treat will bring features such as background limits for apps, app notification channels for individual notification control, platform Autofill support for personal information, Picture-In-Picture Mode (PIP), adaptive icons, Wi-Fi LDAC Codec, and more.

In the end, whether the code-name Oatmeal Cookie (OC) sticks or is a smokescreen for the official name (Android Oreo, most likely), Android 8.0 is sure to please.


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