Android P will release publicly in Q3, here’s the official timeline

Android P went live in Developer Preview form last week earlier than we expected it, and now we know for sure that the public release will happen later this year. Until then, the Developer Preview program will allow some Android users to test the software for bugs, and allow developers to test app compatibility for the upcoming Android system overhaul release. Only a few devices will be able to run the preview builds of Android P, and like last year, there will be many updates over the preview program that try to prepare the software for its final release.

Google has officially announced the Android P timeline for its Developer Preview program. There are going to be five preview builds in total, the same as last year for Android O ( 8.0 Oreo). But do keep in mind that the first platform update is not meant for the average consumer, and is not a beta. According to sources, the first beta will be the second preview, announced in May around the time of Google I/O 2018. This is when more details will be shared and the Android Beta Program could begin so that users don’t have to flash manually and wipe their phone, therefore making the update process a lot easier.

APIs and the official SDK will be available by the release of the third preview, said to come out in June. This will be followed by a fourth preview shortly after in July, and a fifth preview for final testing and OEMs through the AOSP in August (hopefully faster updates this year). In Q3, we’ll get the final release for the public. This lands us around September, a bit later than last year. Google is usually pretty good about hitting targets, so this should be an accurate estimate.

As a reminder, the first preview is available for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL, and so will the remainder of previews. It’s a good thing Google is making it easy for Nexus owners to upgrade!

Some devices, even Android flagships, have not yet received Android 8.1, and yet we’re already on to what’s next. This has led to Android’s fragmentation. Anyhow, some new features include UI tweaks, a fresh launcher, a new Markup feature for screenshots, a relocation of the clock, notch support, a refreshed notifications panel, a new settings menu, updated volume controls, indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT, and enhancements for notifications and notification channels. More on Android P is coming.

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