AT&T announces new Plus and Choice unlimited data plans

One week ago, AT&T, due to concerns, terminated its deal that it was offering in the month of January where DirecTV customers would get a discount on their wireless plan bill. This was in response to the accompanying unlimited moves by other carriers. We even wrote a poll on it. AT&T is today changing things up again, as it seems customers weren’t at all happy with what the carrier had to offer.

We told you last week that AT&T’s unlimited data plan was probably one to stay away from. This was because unlike T-Mobile and Verizon, their data plan costed more for the most part, and failed to include tethering and other features. Fast forward to today, which caught us right in the middle of our MWC 2017 coverage, the carrier announced revised unlimited data plans, AT&T Plus and AT&T Choice.

AT&T’s Unlimited Plus plan is for the more data heavy user, as the name implies. This also means it will cost you more. The plan starts at $90 for a single line, and includes HD video, and 10GB of data tethering per month. Best of all, 4G LTE speeds are unlimited. Additionally, if you’re actively paying for DirecTV service, you’ll get a bonus $25 video credit to be applied on a monthly basis at no extra charge.

AT&T’s Unlimited Choice plan is more of the same, starting at just $60 per line per month for a single line with no inclusion of tethering. Customers on this plan also won’t be eligible for the $25 video credit shall he or her also be a DirecTV subscriber. This plan is also different in that it features only SD (480p) video and caps all data speeds at 3Mbps. So if you’re a power-hungry user, for only $30 more, we have to hand our recommendation to the Unlimited Plus plan, especially if you also have DirecTV. The one notice is that users must enroll for autopay, and that the carrier could if it chooses, start to throttle data speeds shall you exceed 22GB of usage on a single line. So is it true unlimited?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. More details are available at the source link.

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