AT&T introduces data plan changes

Don’t be so defensive about the word “change,” because this change is a good one if you’re an AT&T subscriber or thinking about switching to the US carrier some time soon. AT&T will soon apply changes to its data plans, more specifically its unlimited plans. Here are the details.

AT&T is always changing things up. Shortly after letting us know its latest plans and goals for 5G, the carrier had something else to share. Starting March 1, a few of the carrier’s unlimited data plan offerings will change ever so slightly. The revised plans are known as¬†Unlimited Plus Enhanced and Unlimited Choice Enhanced.

Customers will be happy to know that the Unlimited Plus Enhanced plan is $10 cheaper ($80 instead of $90) per month than the same plan that’s in place right now under the name ‘Unlimited Plus’ plan. Subscribers of the Unlimited Choice Enhanced plan will get 15GB of hotspot data moving forward, which is more than the 10GB supplied currently. However, this comes at a price increase of $5 per month. Those who sign up to either of the two plans in the next week or so will be eligible for a $15 loyalty credit. The only requirement so it seems is that you’ll have to sign up using auto-pay and paperless billing.

More can be learned at the link below leading to the announcement page.


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