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The Google I/O 2018 conference continues today in Mountain View, California at Shoreline, and we have loads more to tell you about. One of the biggest announcements out of this year’s conference is the new Google News. The app being made available on both the Android and iOS mobile platforms integrates AI to make recommendations and provide content suggestions regarding topics of interest to you. The refreshed app seems to be rolling out now and will continue slowly over the next week.


With Google News, the search giant is going all-in. No more is the somewhat outdated Google Play Newsstand, and here to stay is a major refresh of the service for modern-day with AI at its core. Google News is simple to remember, and no longer attached the ‘Play’ branding indicating the cross-platform movement and user-friendly focus. It is rolling out in the form of an update on Android and across other platforms, though it’s very much a brand new service. Like many other apps that are launching or being updated this week, AI and deep learning will play a big part of the new Google News. Google is taking an AI-first approach to almost everything, and more than ever before we can see how it’s paving the way for the future of software and beyond.

With Google News, Google is taking a strong stance to deliver credible and attractive news to your smartphone via the app. This is in a way similar to other popular news services today, but combines everything into one and really caters to its user. The app will get to know you with time and use, so much so it’s almost scary to see. But this is all done to provide what Google believes is the most modern and promising way to deliver fresh news to mobile and desktop users. We had an idea this might be coming prior to the Google I/O, but now it has been uncovered in full detail and is one of the few products actually rolling out for users to use now. Google says that 127 countries will have support for Google News by the end of next week with a variety of devices having access, which is beyond a vast and speedy roll out.

As you can imagine, Google News sorts through and organizes incredible amounts of information in real-time. This is done using machine learning to deliver the best experience possible no matter which device you’re on. It finds important, popular and new news stories “for you” and makes content easy to discover and share if you want to. Other than a major design overhaul starting with the icon, the app comes with some new features. Up front there’s a new briefing homepage with articles more catered for you. No set up process is required and Google uses what it already knows about you from other apps through your Google account so it can provide content suggests out of the box. You can then tell the app to “see more” or “see less” depending on what you see and ‘Newscasts’ will allow you to preview content before diving into the topic in more depth and having to scroll through a bunch of headlines.

The new design is one Google calls ‘Material Theme’ and is really a fancier term for saying updated material design, which is coming to many Google apps. Animations are fluent, the app is organized and clean with high contrast to make for the best reading experience on your eyes. It’s also very fast and polished in every which way unlike the old Google Play Newsstand. You can tell Google put in a lot of time to get it right this time and was preparing this for longer than we knew about it. This was confirmed in the demos and with the widespread roll out at launch that had to be planned for some time considering all the languages and differences around the world.

Like the upgraded Google Assistant, Google news provides Full Coverage to take advantage of all screen space you have by providing edge-to-edge content and high-quality images. All it takes is a tap on a story to get into all its detail, so you’ll never have to look beyond the app, and the style is consistent throughout most of the user interface. Google says it even understands the smallest ingrained details about each story such as the who, what, why and how to group similar stories based on determined subject and provide related content. Google is also bringing back the Newsstand section for users to not only follow publications like Droid Turf, but also subscribe to them. ‘Subscribe with Google’ will be arriving in the coming weeks and will sync all your devices and even provide snippets of related information bits from the app in your personal Google Search, with deep links.

Does Google have all the competition beat with Google News? We think so, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide. Give the app a try once available and let us know your experiences in the comments. Hopefully Google brings this to market the right way and sees a successful launch.

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