CARROT Weather app releases on Play Store

The CARROT Weather app has finally released on Android after being exclusive to iOS for quite a while. You’re probably thinking, why get so excited over an app that gives you the weather? Doesn’t Google do that? Yes, Google does, but this isn’t an ordinary weather app. CARROT Weather is super likable, and here’s why it’s worth taking a look at.

CARROT Weather is an app developed by Grailr LLC backed by Dark Sky’s weather data. Dark Sky is well-known for forecasting and predicting weather patterns well in advance and users will now be able to take advantage with a download of the app from the Play Store. The accumulation of weather data has led to tremendous accuracy over time. The app not only functions well, but looks nice, which is a match made in heaven that quite honestly, is an underrated experience for weather apps.

CARROT Weather tries to be unique when telling users how to prepare for upcoming weather conditions. The explanations are funny and everything about the app looks and feels right. It’s sleek, modern and does about everything you’d expect while providing reliable information through a neat and humorous presentation. It’s been a while since a developer group has turned the weather into something fun and fancy that can cheer you up on a rainy day.

The app is available now for devices running Android 5.0 or higher. It’s free to download, but the developer offers a subscription plan priced at 99 cents per month or $3.99 annually that includes more features including premium widgets for your home screen. If it’s worth it to you, you can get enrolled from right within the app. The developer is doing some interesting things worth standing by for, so be on the look out for future updates with feature upgrades. Download it at the link in brackets below from the Play Store. Let us know in the comments if you try it out, and if so, your experiences.

[CARROT Weather – Download Link]

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