Facebook adds ‘Instant Video’ feature to its Messenger app


Facebook has added a feature known as ‘Instant Video’ to its Messenger app, which allows users to view and share a video feed during a chat session. Although Messenger already has a video calling feature, Instant Video is designed for quicker access to video sharing during a text conversation as opposed to dialing a number for a longer video session.

Facebook issued the following statement describing its new feature.

It’s perfect for sharing quick moments with friends who aren’t right by your side or making your conversations richer by seeing each other face-to-face when you are messaging.”

Instant video can be accessed during a chat session by tapping on the video icon in the top-right corner of the app. Your friend can view your video feed and respond by choosing to share their own video stream. Instant video will show up as an overlay above the text conversation and allows users to continue a text conversation while sharing video streams. It adds a new element of interaction to Messenger which has already surpassed 1 billion active monthly users.

Video sharing is growing in popularity and has moved beyond dedicated video calling apps like Skype and Google’s recently released Duo. Users want to be able to share video feeds on the fly and features like ‘Instant Video’ allow just that. It’s going to be interesting to see how Facebook Messenger evolves further and what the response from similar apps like Snapchat is going to be.

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SOURCE [Facebook]

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