Google Assistant and Amazon Echo are on their way to Microsoft’s Xbox One

Earlier this week, it was reported by Windows Central that new digital assistants will arrive on Microsoft’s Xbox One devices. We’re talking about the people’s favorites, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. If you own an Xbox One, this should come across as great news.

The Xbox One’s voice integration interface and functionality isn’t helpful for all that much, and Microsoft is looking to change that. It has been reported that the current voice assistant on One devices, Cortana, may eventually be replaced by either Google or Amazon’s voice assistant. Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant, also found on Windows 10 PCs, but it hasn’t exactly kept up with advancements made by Google and Amazon. This is surprising news in all honesty, because Microsoft has always taken things upon itself in the past.

The new assistants are said to bring the ability for users to search for information and control certain aspects of their Xbox such as the volume. All will be done using voice commands, which may even be able to launch certain apps and games or turn off the console. Users may also be able to pair a smart speaker such as Echo or a Smart Display to carry out commands in the case they don’t have a microphone paired up with their Xbox.

With devices other than smartphones gaining access to digital AI assistants, this is only another attempt by Amazon and Google to get an edge in their ongoing feud in reaching the most consumers possible through a diverse set of ways. We don’t have any word on a release, but both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will make their way into preview builds for testing soon. Cortana could stay around as an alternative option, and users will likely enjoy the benefit of getting to choose between all three assistants once the newer are released. Other Microsoft devices could gain support for Google Assistant and Alexa such as PCs, some time down the line.

We’ll keep you updated shall we hear about Microsoft’s plans for these implementations.

SOURCE [Windows Central]

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