Google Home now supports two concurrent commands

Google’s original smart speaker, Google Home, now supports two concurrent commands following a recently received, but minor, software update.

Now when addressing the Google Home, it is possible to combine two commands such as adjusting the lights and music in the same sentence. Until the update, this would have required two separate software voice commands.

This software update makes the Google Home a much easier device to work with, especially when providing a series of commands. Furthermore, Google is believed to be working on ‘routines,’ the ability to combine multiple commands into the one pre-programmed statement. However, Google has not yet finalized the routine technology but the ability to combine two commands is certainly welcome.

Another welcome feature is that the Google Home is able to use two commands to combine shortcuts. Shortcuts are set up using either the iOS or Android application, and are a means of combining commands into one verbal statement. Thanks to the update, the speaker is able to incorporate shortcuts with normal voice commands, which in turn can dramatically improve how functional the Google Home smart speaker can be with the one sentence. Well done, Google!

The routines technology is already available on Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, but is currently restricted to combining commands associated with traffic, weather and news. Alexa cannot handle playing an audio book or commands associated with streaming music via routines, although Amazon is likely working on this.

We should note that the Google Home can only work with one or two commands at this time, not three (yet). Hopefully Google Home Mini and Google Home Max gain the functionality as well so that customers of these products aren’t left out.


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