Google introduces Daydream View, a headset and controller for the Daydream virtual reality platform


Google first introduced its virtual reality platform, titled ‘Daydream’, at the I/O developers conference in May this year. Daydream will bring high quality virtual reality content to “Daydream-ready” mobile devices. The Pixel smartphones are the first of such devices. During the October 4th press event, Google revealed Daydream View, a Daydream compatible headset that comes with a controller. 

google_daydream_view_headset_three_colorsThe Daydream View headset uses your phone as a display and is designed to be light and comfortable to wear for long periods of use. The binocular-like device is mostly composed of a light fabric along with some plastic. The flap over the front of the device has a slot for placing your phone into it and the image is then projected to you in your very own mobile virtual reality theater. The Pixel smartphones, as well as future “Daydream-ready” devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, are optimized for virtual reality through their displays, processors and high-fidelity sensors, according to Google.


The accompanying Daydream controller allows you to interact with the virtual world by mimicking real world interactions. It’s equipped with sensors to detect your physical movements and gestures to provide precise responses in the virtual world. Actions like swinging a sword or creating wide strokes with a paintbrush can be simulated by waving the controller like a wand, similar to other virtual reality controllers. The design is very basic with two buttons (home and menu) and a trackpad on the front along with volume buttons on the side. google_daydream_apps_animatedVirtual reality is only as fun and exciting as the content it provides. Luckily, Google feels the same and they’ve announced several content providers for Daydream along with libraries of games and apps. Popular Google apps like Youtube, Google Play Movies, Google Photos and Google Maps will include virtual reality features. Imagine exploring Street View or viewing your panoramic shot in virtual reality. Google has also partnered with Netflix, HBO and Hulu as well as publications including The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, to bring their content to Daydream. For the gamers out there, Need for Speed, Gunjack 2, LEGO Brickheadz. and Hungry Shark World are just some of the titles announced with “hundreds” more expected to follow soon.


Daydream View releases in November across five countries, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. It will be priced at $79 in the United States and be made available through Verizon and the Google Store. It will come in three color options, Snow (Silver/White), Crimson (Red) and Slate (Black). [Check here for availability]

Check out the official video introducing Google’s Daydream View, directly below.

SOURCE [Google]

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