Google launches Project Bloks for learning programming essentials at a young age


Yesterday, Google launched a new project known as ‘Bloks.’ The purpose of the project is to, like its name implies, teach young kids about the essentials to programming using blocks.

Google’s latest project could be in response to Apple’s new development suite for iPads. The tech giant also released a new Basics Nanodegree course for app development.


Using tangible blocks, kids can learn the basics of programming at a very young age. Using trial and error, kids can connect these blocks to carry out a variety of functions. Since young kids learn primarily by seeing, Google produced something amazing with the help of a few others allowing kids to use just their hands to develop programming skills.


Blocks are made of three different types of hardware. Pucks can be programmed to do just about anything using paper and conductive ink. The base boards then determine what it’s the pucks are trying to do. Powering everything together is the brain board, which is basically the processing unit.


Google has composed a kit with help from IDEO that’ll be available exclusively to designers and developers. Google hopes to obtain feedback in which they’ll in due turn use to improve the project, hopefully leading to a purchasable kit in the future. If interested in Project Bloks, one can sign-up to receive updates and more information as it evolves. To get started, fill out the brief form here. Alternatively, learn how the program first works in the two short videos below this article.

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