Google Lens comes to more Android phones via Google Photos

Have you ever wanted to gain information from a particular photo? Google Lens can do that for you with the touch of a button. Last year, Google introduced Lens alongside improvements to the Google Assistant and apps the functionality would be brought to. The feature has been available on Pixel and Pixel 2 phones for some time, and has even been given some updates. But today, it is arriving for many more people.

Recognizing a contact number from a photo or learning about various locations and products captured in images you’ve taken and stored in Google Photos, is part of Google Lens can do. And now the ability is rolling out on Android to just about everyone, as did the Google Assistant many months ago. Except, this is not through Google Assistant, it’s through Google Photos.

The news we’ve been waiting to hear for some time comes from the official Twitter account of Google Photos, which first revealed the update. As of now, it’s for Android users, but the iOS app will also gain Google Lens eventually (not clear when). Very soon, Google Lens will also gain features such as AR experiences.

Since Pixel owners only account for only a small proportion of the Android world, this is big step for Google and it’s amazing the company has been able to do it for so many of its users despite all the fragmentation. There’s a lot of hype surrounding Google Lens and what it could become capable of. We’ll just have to wait to learn more.

As mentioned, the update is rolling out now for most. Make sure you have the latest version of the Google Photos app installed. Open a photo and look near the bottom for a camera lens icon and tap on it. Lens will do its thing and hopefully bring up information cards of which it gathered from what was visually shown on screen. In a way, it’s like Google Now on Tap and much like what companies have already done, but Google is the best at this kind of stuff because of its machine learning and ‘AI-first’ approach. The roll out to non-Pixel phones (tablets and web don’t appear to be included) that run Android (no specific version mentioned) is said to continue over the next few weeks.

Try Google Lens for yourself once you get it and return to the comments below to let us know how you’re liking it.

SOURCE [Google Photos on Twitter]

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