Google Pay for Web receives some redesign

Google Pay started rolling out for web back in May. The service is receiving its first update as of this week, unlike the mobile app available on Android that is always getting better. The update consists of some redesign with new material design as seen in other Google apps and services. Everything is more rounded, which shouldn’t be surprising, and the experience is more consumer-friendly.

Google can’t seem to decide how it wants to design Google Pay. With re-brands for many Google services and multiple redesigns of Google Pay across several platforms, this one for web makes another. This one, however, was in fact needed since the mobile app was beginning to leave the web version in the dust. The changes aren’t all major, but everything looks and works a lot better than it did before. If you were familiar with the old version, it’s not difficult to learn the new and slightly altered layout.

In the new version, features have been minimized for ease of use. One’s payment history is shown up front and broken down nicely, and users can make changes to their account or add payment methods like PayPal with little hassle. Going forward, users will experience more white backgrounds, different fonts, simplified icons, and more fluent animations. The goal here is obviously to make the service work as seamless and reliable as it can, and Google has done a real good job at it. All it needs is more support.

The update is rolling out now. I know it works in the US, but if you live elsewhere we can’t confirm since Google has not clarified availability. You’ll notice the changes right away on the website once you receive the update server-side. If you don’t see the changes yet in a supported browser, be patient and they should arrive any day. Try out the updated version and see if you like it by hitting the source link below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

SOURCE [Google Pay]
VIA [Android Police]

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