Google Pay gains support for PayPal Mastercards

Google Pay has gained support many have been wanting to see since the early days of Android Pay. Google’s payment service present on most Android smartphones with built-in NFC, now supports PayPal Mastercards thanks to Synchrony. Here’s what you need to know.

Earlier this year, Android Pay became Google Pay with a name change update that was one of many service re-brands by Google. Two months ago, Google Pay was added to the Google Assistant. Also earlier this year, Samsung Pay gained PayPal eligibility. To provide its users with a similar option for making payments using a smartphone, Google is doing the same for its Google Pay service. Unlike Samsung Pay, Google Pay’s support for PayPal Mastercards hit us by surprise late last week.

Confirmation of the support can be seen on Google’s support site. With the addition, users of Google Pay can add their PayPal Mastercard in the mobile app and purchases will appear on one’s PayPal Mastercard statement. Users can later use their PayPal balance to pay off their Mastercard debt. Making a payment is simple and the experience is no different than before. PayPal Mastercards can also be used for online purchases across platforms and on web. As of right now, it doesn’t seem like there’s any limit in place on the amount of cards that can be added.

Also noteworthy, Google Pay recently added support for more than fifteen banks. Nobody noticed this until it was discovered in the Google Support Pages. The addition of new banks should make it possible for more consumers to use Google Pay by linking their account(s). The updates look to be hitting most devices now via a server-side update in the US so make sure you have everything up to date. The full list of supported banks can be seen at the source link below. Let us know in the comments if your bank is supported.

SOURCE [Google Support Pages]

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