Google Pay is the new Android Pay, app gets complete overhaul

During CES 2018, Google announced that Android Pay would merge with Google Wallet and be phased into Google Pay. The branding change has been occurring in bits and pieces over recent weeks, but has now gone into full effect just about everywhere. This includes the Android Pay application, which has been updated with a complete overhaul including a new user interface and Google Pay as the name.

Google gave us the news Tuesday morning on its blog, and a massive update for the Android Pay app already seems to be rolling out in some regions of the world. In fact, if you head over to the Play Store listing of Android Pay, which we’ve linked down below, the branding and all has already been swapped to represent Google Pay.Everything from the logo, to design, to the interior of the app is newly polished. The user interface has gone White and now features a hamburger menu for navigating the app. The main screen has been revised to contain more information alongside cards including payment history, nearby accepted stores, and rewards. It almost looks like too much up in our face, but at least it means less navigating we have to do to find the information we need. Speaking of which, everything you’ll ever need is labeled with near visuals, which are cool.

The app has also gained a new cards tab containing useful information and tips. There’s also a new way to pay for transit, where “all you need at the turnstile is the device that’s already in your hand.” Google hasn’t provided much detail on this yet, other than that it will be available in Kiev, London, and Portland to start. Perhaps we’ll learn more in May.

The merge should eliminate any and all confusion surrounding Google’s payment apps. “Google Pay,” reaffirms that Google wants all its hardware and software branded under “Google” and not “Android.” Similar to how we’re seeing Pixel replace Nexus in all aspects of our life. This is because “Google” and “Pixel” likely resonate as more premium and popular among the masses over “Android” and “Nexus.”

At this point in time you’re probably wondering what will happen to Google Wallet. Word is the Google Pay app will receive an update at some point in time “within the next few months,” that will bring the ability to send and request money, kind of like PayPal. This functionality will be limited to the US and UK. However, temporarily until the update arrives, Google Wallet will house this feature known as ‘Google Pay Send.’ The Google Wallet app will receive its re-name update, which will also bring design changes to the app, any day now. Afterwards, the Google Wallet app could retire, meaning that’s one less Google app on your home screen.

Take a look at Google Pay and let us know what you think down in the comments.

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