Google’s acquisition of HTC employees is now complete

Google’s Senior Vice President of Hardware, Rick Osterloh, announced via the Google Keyword blog today that the company has finalized its deal in acquiring know-how from smartphone maker HTC. Google first announced the strategic partnership with the Taiwan-based company back in September of 2017, but it has now gone official for $1.1 billion USD.

HTC was one of the premier smartphone companies a few years back and Osterloh credits the company as a pioneer of the smartphone industry. Osterloh, who used to work at Motorola, also explained some of the company’s innovations over the years including “the first 3G smartphone in 2005, the first touch-centric phone in 2007, and the first all-metal unibody phone in 2013.”

This deal completes the transition of the same group of HTC employees that has worked with Google in recent years on the Pixel series of phones. The $1.1 billion dollar acquisition sees 2,000 HTC employees joining Google as the search giant enters its third year in the hardware business. It also establishes Taipei as Google’s largest engineering hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

I have my fingers crossed that the deal will pave the way for Google to produce even better Android smartphones in the years to come. Perhaps ones that are entirely “Made by Google,” from the inside out. Interestingly enough, this seemingly won’t stop HTC from making phones of their own. We look forward to the potential for 2018.

SOURCE [Google]

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