Google’s Pixel is now available, Daydream View and Chromecast Ultra go up for pre-order! (Updated)


Today was a big day for Google. The tech giant commonly known for their software, just introduced a whole lot of hardware, most of which is “Made by Google.” Shortly after Google’s big unveiling in San Francisco, several of its products went up for pre-order. The list includes the hyped-up Pixel smartphone that everyone is talking about. Here are the details.

Google announced a lot of products today. We have a new pair of smartphones with a new name, Pixel, we have a Chromecast Ultra with 4k streaming capabilities, a Google Wi-Fi router, a Google Home smart speaker, and the first Daydream virtual reality headset, Daydream View. Unfortunately, the months between Google I/O back in May, and now, didn’t provide Google with enough time to finish off development and produce enough units for sale. Many of the gadgets that were announced today won’t reach stores till November or even December. The details are included below.

Google Home – Click here for full details 


Google Home is now up for pre-order at the Google Store, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. It costs $129 and includes a 6 month trial for YouTube Red no matter which retailer you buy it from. Orders will ship when the device releases in stores on November 4th.

UPDATE: Now available at the links down below!

[Google Store] [Walmart] [Best Buy] [Target]

Chromecast Ultra – Click here for full details 


Google announced pricing for the Chromecast Ultra, which is slated for $69 retail. As for availability, pre-orders are yet to go live. The company says it will begin selling the wireless streaming device in the month of November in time for holiday season. We’ll update you when this happens.

UPDATE: Pre-order it now at the Google Store linked below!

[Google Store]

Daydream View – Click here for full details


The release of Daydream View, Google’s virtual reality headset, is slated for some time in November before the holiday season. Pricing will go for $79. Where it will be made available is currently unknown. We’ll update you when we hear more.

UPDATE: Pre-order it now at the Google Store or Verizon! Product links are included below in brackets.

[Google Store] [Verizon] [Best Buy]

UPDATE: The device will ship on November 10th, the day it officially releases. Google, Verizon and Best Buy will sell it in the US. The links are included in brackets above.

SOURCE [Google]

UPDATE: As scheduled, the Daydream View is now available!

Google Wi-Fi – Click here for full details 


Google’s new router, Google Wi-Fi comes in two options. The single router will cost $129 and a pack of three will cost $299. Pre-orders are said to go live in November, before a full release this December.

UPDATE: Pre-orders have gone up at the Google Store and Amazon as of November 15th! A full release is slated for sometime this December, most presumably December 6th. This will be the same time pre-order shipments go out. Get it at either of the links included in brackets below.

[Google Store] [Amazon]

UPDATE: As expected, Google Wi-Fi is now available! Just in time for the holiday season. Get it at one of the links in brackets included just above.

Pixel smartphones – Click here for full details, here for all the new features, and here for full specs and insight


Pricing for the smaller Pixel starts at $650. This will get you 32GB of storage space. A 128GB option is also available, which costs an additional $100 at $750 retail. If you’re in the market for the larger Pixel, pricing will run you a bit more. The 32GB as it stands is $770 and the 128GB option goes for $870. If paying full price down payment sounds like a lot, there’s another option. For the first time, both Google and Verizon are offering financing programs in which you can scatter-out payments across a number of months until full retail price is fully paid off (see the product listings linked below for pricing details). At this time, you can pre-order in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and India. These will also be the first places in which the smartphone releases (October 20th).


Google’s Pixel smartphone is one of the very few things that went up for pre-order today! In fact, several popular retailers are already accepting pre-orders for the device. Both the smaller and larger Pixel come unlocked from a majority of retailers. This means that you’ll be able to use it on just about any carrier of choice. Color options for the most part include Quite Black and Very Silver, as the Really Blue is severely limited. Orders will ship out on October the 20th and will work on a variety of carriers given the extensive amount of bands present inside. Deals and discounts can vary per retailer and can change over time, so be sure to check each to find which is the best deal for you. Product links to the listings have been conveniently included below.

UPDATE: Pixel is now available! Most pre-orders are now shipping!

Pixel and Pixel XL [Google Store] [Project Fi] [Best Buy] *Hurry, some variants have already sold out!


US carrier Verizon has partnered up with Google, like it did way back in the day with the Galaxy Nexus. The carrier will be the exclusive carrier offering the new handsets in the United States. Verizon is already taking pre-orders, which are said to ship out in just a few weeks on October the 20th when the handset releases. Both size variants will come in choice of Quite Black, Very Silver and the Really Blue. Check the links below for more detail.

UPDATE: Get up to a $300 credit put towards your new Pixel by trading in your old Verizon phone!

UPDATE: Pixel is now available in stores! Pre-orders are now shipping!

Verizon [Pixel] [Pixel XL]

UPDATE: Deals incoming! Select sellers as well as Google itself is offering a deal on its Pixel smartphones. Google has promised a Daydream View virtual reality headset to all who purchase a Pixel smartphone on the Google Store or through Project Fi. Since the headset is not yet available, you’ll be given a redemption code to use in a few weeks once stock arrives. This is a $79 value. This deal will last through October 19th, which marks the end of the pre-order period. The offering is valid to US customers only. Links are included above in brackets.

Popular retailer Best Buy is also offering a deal on Google’s Pixel smartphones. At no extra charge, Best Buy will throw in a $100 gift card as a bonus as well as Google’s second generation Chromecast streaming device ($35 value), not to be confused with the newer Chromecast Ultra announced during the event. The deal will most likely close once the pre-order period comes to an end and the handsets officially release. Links are included above in brackets.

UPDATE: Pre-orders are now open for the Daydream View and Chromecast Ultra! Links are included above.

UPDATE: Pixel is now available in stores! Most pre-orders are shipping out now.

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