Google’s Project Fi introduces referral program including a ‘Race to Google HQ’ incentive

Google’s Project Fi has introduced a referral program designed to reward subscribers with additional Google Play store credit, Project Fi credit, and is going to put the top three referrers into Mountain View.

Project Fi is Google’s MVNO, mobile virtual network operator, designed to work around a handful of Google-branded smartphones. The service offers a basic $20 plan providing unlimited domestic calling and texting plus $10 per GB of data used, but differs from other carriers by refunding unused data. Project Fi also offers free roaming throughout much of the world and seamless carrier-hopping technologies. Currently, Project Fi operates on a combination of the Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular data networks, plus any compatible Wi-Fi hotspots.

Project Fi’s referral program is also running a ‘Race to Google HQ’ competition from now until September 25. This consists of a leaderboard showing the most referrals into the Project Fi network. The names of the three highest referrers on the board will win a trip to Mountain View and up to $2,000 worth of Project Fi service. The Project Fi credit is nice to have but the paid trip to Google’s Mountain View is arguably priceless.

Whilst many people will be looking to the top prizes, the rewards for a smaller number of referrals is still impressive. Google is offering $20 in Play Store credit and $40 in Project Fi service for just two referrals. Manage five referrals and the booty rises to a Project Fi weekender bag and $100 of Project Fi credit. If you are a member of Project Fi, you can find your referral code on the website.

This is a bold, aggressive move by Google and the rewards it is dishing out for just a few referrals are certainly encouraging. Could this be a push from Google to increase subscriber numbers? There are rumors that Lenovo is preparing a smartphone compatible with the Project Fi network, in the same way that select Google Nexus and Google Pixel devices are. This new Motorola device, reckoned to be the Moto X4, could be another tool to help Project Fi push more into the mainstream.

SOURCE [Project Fi]

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